It started in early December with Disney-Pixar, Coca-Cola, General Electric, and HP -- 21 top brands in all, which any media outlet would salivate over. These are the Enhanced Profile Pages of the "New Twitter" looking to keep pace (and relevancy) with the changing social order of the web, as other services such as Google+ and Facebook enhance their efforts attract top brands to their sites. Now the company said it will begin a larger rollout to an extended number of brands that include NPR, NBC News,Volkswagon and more.

Premium Brands Get Key Features

Among some of the new Business Profile features offered these premium brands include a "Pinned Tweet" with the ability to select the top time-line tweet that can be used to highlight content. Some are calling this a "sticky tweet." 

Media is also expandable, allowing graphics, even YouTube video, to roll within the tweet. One click and the YouTube video begins to play right in the pinned Tweet. Twitter said this will help brands add feature-rich content to their online messaging.  

More branding is the goal, and the company delivers with an enhanced banner that can appear at the top or on one side of the page. 

Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 8.19.56 AM.jpg
Advanced Analytics

The company also promised its Business Profile members advanced custom analytics and will deliver "soon."  Analytics will include online behavior impact studies, sentiment analysis and value of a follower, the company said. 

At launch, Business Profile exclusive brand partners included:  @AmericanExpress, @BestBuy, @bing, @chevrolet, @CocaCola, @Dell, @DisneyPixar, @generalelectric, @Heineken, @HP, @intel, @JetBlue, @Kia, @McDonalds, @nikebasketball, @NYSE_Euronext, Paramount Pictures' Mission: Impossible – @GhostProtocol, @pepsi, @Staples, @subwayfreshbuzz, and @VerizonWireless.

The company the new version of Twitter is required to view the enhanced pages.