GX Software has announced its latest upgrade to WebManager, v.9.16, that targets “far-reaching support” for social media marketing.  The upgrade helps turn web content “viral” and boosts web traffic, through integration with social media web sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  

The WebManager upgrade promises that an online visitor gets a social and personal experience, and offers businesses a path to social media by allowing consumers to share content along with peer-to-peer conversations about their brand, the company said.

Leveraging the Power of 'Like' 

The company said its new version of WebManager looks to leverage the “personalization” power of “like.” Based on the “likes” of an individual website user, Facebook can offer personal recommendations to that user, both on the developer's website and on Facebook. It also shows them which of their friends liked your content, as well as their comments. Because content suggestions are based on the individual preferences and "likes" of a visitor’s social graph, the user experience becomes personal and social.

The stickiness of the developer's website can increase, while the bounce rate for the social landing pages drops. “You can start a conversation with your visitors, activate them and grow their commitment to your brand. For example, ask your “likers” for feedback and share interesting advice, tips and videos as a follow-up to their likes,” the company said. Because the online experience gets personal, relevant and social, users will be more loyal and more likely to engage, having a positive effect in online conversion rates.


Social Sharing, Monitoring Tools

New functionality in WebManager 9.16 includes:

  • Social login
  • Multiple social sharing buttons
  • Streaming widgets

With social login, website users can authenticate themselves via their social accounts on Facebook or Twitter. This removes a barrier to registration and login while providing you with accurate personal user data. If the visitor is logged in to their Facebook account, you can offer personal recommendations, enable social sharing and have access to the user’s social graph.

Learning Opportunities

Publishing to social media has also been improved. The company said WebManager offers editorial staff “convenience and efficiency” with social publishing features that lower the threshold for promoting web pages to social media. For example, developers can edit a Facebook fan page or publish web pages to Twitter and Facebook from your authoring environment. Content can be reused and communicated on multiple channels.

On the social monitoring side, the new upgrade offers tools to track visitor returns and monitors behaviors after they share content. In the authoring environment, the technology allows viewing of social activity related to a particular web page. Reviewing the “likes," “retweets" and “comments” allows valuable feedback for evaluation and optimization of web content. The company said demographics, social traffic and additional statistics can also be analyzed via Facebook Insights. 

Improved Multimedia Support 

WebManager 9.16 also offers Media RSS support, for pushing multimedia content to external channels. The Online Maven Repository provides developers access to libraries and tools for GX WebManager, reducing development time. 

GX Software said WebManager 9.16 is available now for the European and North American market. The company also made a fact sheet available for more details.