Webtrends Analytics Release For SharePoint 2013 Extends Use For Social Business #spc12

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One of the things that people will be looking for this week at the SharePoint Las Vegas Conference will be news and solutions around the upcoming SharePoint release. Webtrends has been quick off the mark here, and has announced the release of Webtrends for SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint Needs Analytics Too

Before the release, Webtrends’ vice president, partner solutions, Jeff Seacrist, sat down with CMSWire and outlined some of the features of the new version of Webtrends which concentrates on new and more sensitive measurement features that fit into the SharePoint 2013 environment.

According to Seacrist, the features provide new analytics as well as insights into SharePoint 2013 usage that have not been available before. The new release also takes into account that a large number of enterprises are still only coming to grips with SharePoint 2010, so these features are all backward compatible with the 2010 version. From the Webtrends perspective, Seacrist says the new capabilities are built up from Webtrends Analytics 10, enabling deeper integration between the two.

SharePoint, Webtrends Functionality

With it, he says, users will be able to understand better the interaction between enterprise users and their SharePoint environment, enable the development of power users and, as a result, encourage deeper usage and adoption, and extend the use of SharePoint as a social enterprise platform.

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Webtrends for SharePoint 2013

Some of the new capabilities from Webtrends include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Heatmaps: Enables enterprises to see how users are interacting with SharePoint and identifies real-time user behavior.
  • Visitor analytics: This consists of analytics that can provide analysis of visits by global geographies, or bores down to use by department, office and even user. This enables easy segmentation into teams, groups and power users.
  • Lists: Captures information around lists automatically.
  • Community analytics: This analyzes what’s happening across community spaces including micro blogs, community sites and social content, enabling easier collaboration.
  • Office 365: Offers data collection around sites that have been built on Office 365.

Earlier this year we saw that more and more enterprises are using SharePoint as their main enterprise content management system. This new set of analytics for SharePoint 2013 offers enterprises ways to monitor and, by extension, govern that content, which has always been on the big problems around SharePoint.

SharePoint In Social Enterprise

However, it also goes beyond this with a deep-down analysis ofthe content across the entireenvironment. It facilitates easier collaboration with, and measurement ofeffectiveness of, content across the entire marketing spectrum.

Webtrends enables not just measurement and insight into SharePoint, but the integration of SharePoint analytics across the marketing ecosystem.The value and ROI that organizations can realize from measuring the social enterprise and enhancing productivity is an incredible and largely untapped resource, “ Seacrist said.

Already this year, Webtrends estimates that it has realized double-digit growth from its SharePoint solutions, as well as building a network of partnerships with SharePoint solutions vendors like Axceler, Blue Rooster, Brightstarr, Avanade, Infusion and NewsGator.

With SharePoint 2013 on the way Webtrends is ready to move its analytics solution as soon as 2013 goes public.