Another week has passed us by so why take a look at all the contributions you may have missed this week? We not only finished up our month long focus on the future of the Social Enterprise, we also talked SharePoint Social and debunked five of the most common mobile security myths. Have a great weekend and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

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The truth is, many of us don't exactly know how to sell SharePoint Social. We catch ourselves saying "It's wonderful! It's great! It's like Facebook for the enterprise!" STOP! SharePoint Social is NOT Facebook for the enterprise. So, how do we sell it then? Benjamin Niaulin (@bniaulin) tells us in his article Stop Selling SharePoint Social as Facebook for the Enterprise:

I admit, I was once in the same situation. Staring at the CEO of an international company that has over 15,000 employees and trying to explain SharePoint Social to him and his board. My first and biggest mistake was trying to explain it with examples like 'It’s like Facebook for the Enterprise' or 'It’s like LinkedIn.'"

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Face it -- the world has gone social and it's up to you to make sure you aren't left behind. Dennis Shiao (@dshiao) shares his tips for successfully going social with your website in The World Has Gone Social: Make Sure Your Web CMS and Website Are Not Left Behind

Are you providing your visitors an equivalent platform to engage with you there? Adding a Twitter logo and a Twitter widget on your home page is not enough. To avoid being left behind, you need a Web CMS and website that provides the same interactivity and engagement that your visitors enjoy on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and elsewhere."

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Like any other trend, the mobile enterprise has seen its fair share of myths. In his article, Debunking Five Mobile Security Myths, Caleb Sima (@csima) unmasks five of the biggest mobile security myths and shares how to better protect your organization, and your users.

As with the rapid adoption of any trend, mobile in the enterprise has generated its share of myths. It seems that for every solution enabled by mobility, there is a common misconception about user privacy, security and compliance. For instance, though Android malware generates headlines, a recent survey found that data loss was more concerning to IT, than malware (75% versus 47%)."

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