Google's social network has added a new way to share content over its growing search + your world platform. Google+ now offers a Google Share button that looks similar to the +1 button. But will websites find it more useful?

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The Google Share button comes in several different layout styles and turns red after something is shared.

Instead of simply letting people know you approve of something with the +1 button, the Share button will let you add a comment and decide who exactly to share it with.

Think of it like the share and like buttons on Facebook. The like button and Google's +1 button perform a similar function while the share buttons on both networks are also a bit similar. In Twitter terms, think of like favoriting a tweet (+1) or a retweet (share).

Google's Social Gambit

Google+ has some of the same type of functions as the more popular Facebook and Twitter networks, but the number of users total is much less than its rivals. Google announced  170 million people have signed up for Google+, just a fraction of the 800 million Facebook users. Twitter reported 140 million active users on its blog back at the end of March.

Furthermore, because of Google's new privacy policy that includes using the social platform in search queries, there's been a backlash against Google over security concerns. Nobody knows if the backlash has led to fewer people using the Google+ social network, but combined with Twitter and Facebook's popularity, it could be holding some people back from getting active there.

Google+ Latest Features

Because Google+ is less than a year old, there are regular updates and changes to its features. Most recently, Google released new social media reports in its analytics platform. Additionally, some Google+ functions have been rolled into the popular Google mail app like the ability to hover over emailed images and share them right from the inbox.

Google announced the new Share button on its official blog, and anyone who wants to install it on their website just has to embed the div and script tags available there. The button comes in horizontal or vertical flavors with the three sizes available for the horizontal layout.

Tell us in the comments if you use G+ or if you think the share button will be the thing that finally wins over more people to the fledgling social network.  

*Correction: An earlier version of this story said Google + had 90 million users, and Twitter had 500 million. We regret the error.