In an age where millions of otherwise rational humans find it perfectly reasonable to share the constituent parts of their waking moments with the world, one might find the topic of content management a safe haven. Lord knows, we do.

If you're like us and the dirty demon of your Twitter fix is more CMS than cornflakes oriented, we've got good news for you. Jon Marks, blogger, techy, chess geek and nice guy has done some homework. He's assembled the Top 40 List of CMS Tweeters so you don't have to.

Jon refers to the list as the "creme de la creme of the CMS Twitterati". @CMSWire makes the list. As do two of our lead editors: @Irina_Guseva and me, @barbmosher (thank you Jon).

Yes, we are on the list, so we're unabashedly self-promoting. But hey this is 3/40ths self promotion and 37/40ths selfless public utility. On the Internets, we reckon that ratio ain't half bad.

Have a gander at the list, and then head over to Twitterator to follow us all.