Teragram (news, site) is a company that has taken on the brave challenge of turning sentiment into metrics. For any company that really wants to know what users think of its products, the Sentiment Analysis Manager could be the answer.

Measuring Sentiment

Teragram, part of SAS Institute and traditionally associated with natural language processing software, takes a big leap into new territory with Sentiment Analysis Manager (SAM). It can be used to capture product reviews from around the Web, allowing brand managers to analyze the sentiments expressed in written reviews.

SAM’s automatically locates and analyzes digital content live from consumer reviews on sites like Amazon and social media sites such as blogs and Twitter. It captures the overall opinion of the combined assessments.

The software can help determine the writer’s emotional meaning (that will be where the natural language comes in useful), identify changing trends over time and helping to catch important issues like product defects early.

The results are captured in graph form so that a company can gauge positive/neutral/negative feedback, but also tabulate the results about specific features in a product. 

We have all read gadget reviews that have a great feature x, decent feature y, but have bad build quality. Well SAM can help create a meta-review so the company can see where its products are failing or succeeding.



Turn the world's web reviews into a digestible format

The Science of Sentiment

Teragram’s advanced linguistic and content categorization technologies, plus statistical techniques and rules based analysis allow SAM to perform statistical -- and linguistic -- based analysis. It offers a customizable system to marketers and brand managers who have usually had to rely on qualitative research in the past or surveys that took a long time to get feedback from.

Rather than employing staff to monitor all the conceivable outlets and social sites, SAM does the job rapidly and automatically, to help produce data that can help improve products and future marketing campaigns.

How it will cope as more sites transition to video reviews remains to be seen, but with the number of shopping sites offering user reviews, it will still has plenty of data to crunch.

SAM will be available in the third quarter of 2009. Pricing, requirements and other details to be confirmed at that time.