AddThis has one mission in life: to help web writers increase awareness of their content. The bookmarking service allows site visitors to virtually dog-ear and share their favorite social destinations via an array of buttons.

Recently, they’ve taken on a new approach to spreading the word. In addition to their new Social Toolbar for IE, AddThis has thrown in a plugin for Movable Type.


AddThis appeared sometime in 2006 and has since grown dramatically. Viewed a reported 20 billion times a month by users all over the world, the service is totally free and even offers an analytics tool to assist users in understanding how and where their content is being shared. Fans of the service come in all shapes and sizes, including big guns like Time Magazine, Oracle, Entertainment Weekly, Myspace and the White House.

Adventures with IE and MT

After the AddThis Firefox toolbar did what the company presumably considered exceptionally well, they set out to work on releasing a little something for Internet Explorer. The new IE offering is much like its predecessor in that it offers a browser-integrated solution for your bookmarking needs, but this time it’s accented with a new search is box for search and discovery.

And while that’s all well and good, the cherry on top of AddThis’ newness (at least, according to us) is of course the Movable Typle plug-in. The tool allows users to easily integrate AddThis into their Movable Type-powered blog or website, thereby making it easier for readers to spread the word and easier for writers to grow their audience. Everybody wins. AddThis has spread their plug-in love to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as well, so don’t fret if you’re not a fan of Six Apart.

Tag, You’re It

The concept of bookmarking and sharing is certainly nothing new. AddThis is very similar to other popular free services such as and Digg, but we suppose that’s no reason not to try something that’s totally free. Give it a whirl here.