FeedRoom Partners to Share Web Videos Across Social Networks
Last October, The FeedRoom (news, site), a New York-based provider of Web video and digital media solutions, released v4.0 of its Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), which allows users distribute, upload and manage video across the Web.

Now, with the phenomenal growth in the use of video in social networks, the company has just announced that it has entered into a partnership with Clearspring Technologies that will allow users to bookmark and share video content on social networks and blogs -- with point-and-click tools.

Building Markets On EVP 4.0

When FeedRoom launched VP 4.0 it had modified it dramatically so as to carve as big a piece of the video market pie as it possibly could. In doing so, it also created a new solution that features a modular design.

The FeedRoom Interface_2009.jpg

The FeedRoom interface introduced with EVP 4.0

Components of EVP include:

  • FeedRoom ContentCore, built utilizing a Web services API, providing users with a scalable, extensible, flexible and centralized content repository for managing video content. It provides easy methods for integration with existing solutions like ECM.
  • FeedRoom Studio harnesses the power of ContentCore by presenting the information through a dashboard interface. This dashboard guides users through the video publishing process within an Adobe Flex powered experience that is both flexible and intuitive.

Suitable for use in enterprises of all sizes, EVP 4.0 is scalable and can integrate easily with existing content management platforms, security standards and analytics tools.

With the interface that came with 4.0, FeedRoom says that the new partnership will expand the reach of FeedRoom and give users better control of branding than they would normally have on video-sharing sites.

"By enabling our enterprise video customers to take advantage of leading tools for content distribution across the social Web, they benefit from the positive brand interaction and trackability that online video delivers, while dramatically increasing viewership, sales funnels and ROI, " David Pearce, Vice President of Product at The FeedRoom.

Learning Opportunities

Enhanced Widget Distribution

For its part, Clearspring provides distribution and management services for widgets and other distributable web content. Note they also provide the same services to KickApps.

Enabling users to distribute and track digital content across social networks as well as start page, bookmarking sites, blogs and mobile devices, it also allows users to integrate advertising-based services into their content.

FeedRoom’s EVP 4.0 was released last year in October just a month after social media and online video and widget applications provider KickApps announced that it had made it “extremely easy” for web publishers to add video advertising to their editorial and user-generated videos.

Already, even at that stage the competition was beginning to hot-up a bit in the video advertising market.

If predictions about the volume of growth in e-commerce as revenue streams for social media hold up, it is likely that over the coming months we will see more players entering the market and new partnerships the rule rather than the exception.