HashMT going open source

HashMT is a micro-blogging and social media utility built by Jesse Gardner of Plasticmind Design. In a nice turn of events Jesse has just announced plans to open source the previously commercial project. HashMT is strictly geared towards Moveable Type users and is not affiliated with Twitter directly.

HashMT is a service built by Garder that takes all the #mt tweets from Twitter and compiles them in one easy to follow spot. HashMT looks similar to Twitter in that it lists the tweets with the #mt tag, pictures of the person leaving the tweet, and includes the entire tweet. It works almost in the same way an RSS reader does, but it pulls only the tweets for HashMT and eliminates all extraneous material.

What are Hash Tags?

For those unclear about the concept of a "hash tag", they are a simple semantic tool for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets (posts to twitter.com). They're like tags on Flickr, only added inline with the content of your tweet, sometimes used grammatically as the subject of your sentence. One can create a hash tag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #mt.

Hash tags are designed to create niche related groups using Twitter, that you can follow easily and tweet to directly. Hashtags.org has a list of existing groups. To get started simply follow @hashtags and the service will be able to index your group tweets.

If there is a group you would like to send your tweets to directly, all you have to do is insert #groupname (for example, #mt) and you can tweet to this group and begin following them as well. Additionally, if you want to create your own group, simply include #yourgroupname in a tweet and, presto, you're rolling.

HashMT is going open source

HashMT Example Screenshot

Gardner Taking HashMT Open Source

Soon the code that J. Gardner used for HashMT will be offered open source. This means you can track what others are saying about you while offering a great place to view the chatter. Whether it’s a new product release, a new service, or just idle banter about your brand and company, you will be able to track it with this setup (provided of course that you let everyone know that they need to get involved and use hash tags while tweeting).

Great Uses for Hash Tags

  • Keep Employees Connected - Do have employees spread across the world? Use hash tags to keep each group informed about information specific to them without all the other clutter. You can create individual groups for each location or region and with the open source code from HashMT put up your own location for people to follow.
  • Get Public Opinion Easily - Have a product review to publish and want the public’s opinion on it? Create a hash tag group and make it easy to compile the information with tweets being organized for you.

So for all you Moveable Type users, get involved with HashMT now. Anyone wanting to get the hang of using hash tags, poke around twitter and hashtags.org and once you've got the feeling for how hash tags are being used, start tweeting on your topics of interest and expertise.

All those interested in getting access to the open source version of HashMT, stay tuned here and we’ll let you know when it arrives. Note that you can follow us over yonder on Twitter: @cmswire.