IntelBuilder: A Tale of Two Solutions
Fridays are generally good for fun stuff, right? Readers, meet IntelBuilder, a mixture of two very special worlds.

Intelbuilder acts as both a content management system and a social media platform. With it users can enjoy all the glory that comes with publishing content on a website, as well as Web application framework.

The Content Side

IntelBuilder Content Management System is the fruit of Vesta Digital's labor. Like any proper CMS, the platform creates and maintains basic content. Designed for easy control and maintenance, administrators can add an unlimited number of pages, edit existing content and remove outdated material from their websites using the tool. Some key benefits include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (including submission)
  • Ability to manage meta keywords and meta description without the need of an SEO expert
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Automatic submission to top search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN
  • Google Analytics
  • Website reporting of web traffic and statistics

"When compared to other proprietary commercial solutions, IntelBuilder CMS stands out for its rich feature set, ease of use and the high level of adoption worldwide," writes Sofia Sapojnikova of Vesta Digital. 

Of course, we're not sure that IntelBuilder is or will be the mold-breaker that Vesta Digital positions it to be. So far, from the sound of things, the CMS is pretty straightforward and basic. And from the look of things too:


Intel Builder Screenshot

The Social Side

The IntelBuilder Social platform provides a built-in opportunity to achieve an increasingly popular goal: content distribution. Once content is published, the social platform allows a user to submit it across major networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook; and major bookmarking sites such as Digg and Delicious.

Moreover, the platform kicks content out to the big, big guns like Google News and other major news and media providers. Users can effectively manage their readership, subscriptions and monitor website traffic and statistics as well.


All of the capabilities we've mentioned here are scattered around the Web and can be obtained for free if you're pinching those pennies extra tight. But proprietary, packaged and from Vesta Digital, they cost money. There are various plans to choose from and each are pretty module heavy. As a default, they all come with:  a text editor, a photo gallery, site map, flash banners, RSS news, Google Maps and site search, among others. 

In theory, IntelBuilder is kind of a cool and certainly convenient solution, so it could be worth your hard-earned. Pricing plans can be found here, but before fork over the dough, take a look at some of the platfroms other details