Movable Type Pro Releases Motion

We all love our micro-blogging applications. We Tweet, we Tumble, we Pownce (or at least we did Pownce),  we feed our friends. Now thanks to Movable Type we are in Motion. They have released a beta for their new social application, Motion, for licensed users of Movable Type Pro.

They say they looked at the best social sites on the web today and then took the best ideas and wrapped them all up into this nice little package called Motion - built on open standards and available to install on your Movable Type Pro website.

What is Motion?

Like we said before, Motion is a Movable Type application that you can freely download (if you are a licensed Movable Type Pro user) and install on your website.

It combines micro-blogging with activity streams and rich profiles, all accessible through any OpenID provider.

  • Micro-blogging: Post text, links, images and rich media with a single click
  • Action Streams: Collect your actions from across the web, including Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious and Digg, and share them with your audience
  • OpenID Integration: Sign in using your OpenID account
  • Profiles: More than just a pretty face, registered users can show their actions and follow community members

The foundation of Motion is built upon Movable Type Action Streams and the OpenID open standards.


Four Ways to Use Motion

Once you install the application, you'll probably strategize on how to best use it for your website. To get you started, Movable Type offers four examples to make the most of Motion:

Learning Opportunities

  1. A private, custom action aggregator using Action Streams
  2. A private microblog community
  3. A public microblog
  4. A public social network

All these examples are ways for an organization to bring social networking into their own websites, whether internal or external, sharing and collaborating with friends, co-workers and family.

The Future of Social Applications

The gang over at Movable Type have been thinking long and hard on the future of social applications. They have been a leader in developing some innovative services and have designed Movable Type Motion based on some guiding principles that they believe define the future of the web.

  • Open standards are the future - so do many others - and that by using them, we won't be limited to having to select one or two social networks. Instead we will be able to pick and choose the best of each one.
  • Social Networks are not just for mainstream sites - Independent social networks will pop up everywhere and run along the mainstream sites like Facebook and MySpace - and this is a good thing.
  • Reveal the Community you have - It's likely scattered amongst many websites, but it's out there.
  • Own Your Social Network - You should own your social network, own the data and control the branding and presentation of your community
  • Open your Community to a Larger Group - Using OpenID, anyone can participate in your community at some level. This helps grow the community faster
  • Help Your Partners and Peers Participate - Make it easy for others to provide relevant content for your community

Are these far fetched ideas? We don't think so. But it will be interesting to see how many people put Motion to this type of use and how many implement it to be a basic social networking site without the greater community involvement.

Sometimes a social network is just a social network. Sometimes it's a community. We tend to think the two are the same thing and they aren't. Motion enables us to built a community, will you build one?

Sign up for a free demo or download the beta and give it a whirl.