Kaltura open source video platform
Kaltura's online video platform is going more places as of today. Mzinga (news, site) has integrated Kaltura's enterprise video solution into their OmniSocialTM social software platform.

Going Enterprise

In September of last year, Mzinga picked up US$ 10 million in funding. What were Mzinga's plans for that money at the time? Well it had a lot to do with the release of their OmniSocial platform.

OmniSocial is designed to allow businesses to create and manage collaborative applications, widgets and sites, and will reportedly focus heavily on marketing, human resources and customer support areas of business. In other words, it's headed deep into the enterprise.

Adding Social Video to the Package

Today, they add a little more capability to the OmniSocial platform via a new partnership with Kaltura. With the integration of Kaltura's enterprise video platform -- not their free version -- organizations will have the ability to import and share rich media content.

Lots of nice features added to the social software platform via this integration including:

  • Direct rich media recording and uploading of rich media via DV and Flip cameras
  • Advanced video editing
  • Video advertising capabilities
  • Hosting and streaming services
  • and more

The Growth of Video Usage in the Enterprise

It's not hard to see why video is in high demand in the enterprise, not just for basic things like sharing photos, but for podcasts, video tutorials, demos and other marketing needs.

The video advertising capabilities are also interesting, lending Mzinga to be a good solution for an external community as well as an internal community.

Find out more on what the Mzinga solution has to offer by viewing their features list.