Seesmic always seemed to be the underdog Twitter client to TweetDeck. But that looks like it could change now that Seesmic has acquired and with it the ability to instantly update over 50 different social networks at once.

Updating Social Networks Galore

Seesmic has a broader vision than simply being a client for Twitter. It now wants to enable you to reach out to all your friends, co-workers, family and others across just about any social network they -- and you -- may be using.

And this has become possible with the acquisition of Never been to It's a great tool that provides the ability to update over 50 different social networks from a single location including the website, email, text and chat.

Seesmic had already seen integration with their Twitter client Twhirl -- which they acquired in April 2008 and they have committed to "maintaining and improving" the service going forward.


Seesmic + Ping

Seesmic has a goal of 1 million updates a day this year, and the users of are going to help reach that goal. With 500,000 registered users and over 200,000 daily updates now, we can expect to see this increase with the hook up with Seesmic.

The gang at is happy with the move according to their blog. The acquisition provides more resources to support development and improvement of the service, which will be integrated with all of Seesmic's applications. co-founders, Adam Duffy and Sean McCullough will be joining the Seesmic team and investors will become Seesmic shareholders and advisers.

What to Do About TweetDeck?

TweetDeck, probably the most well known and used Twitter client has been regularly updating its capabilities as well. But the integration that many users seem to be clamoring for is still missing in action.

Sure you can update Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn now, but you probably have a lot more social network accounts than that.

What effect will the Seesmic acquisition of have on TweetDeck? Will we start to see more people switch to the service that offers broader support for a large number of social networks? Or will we see TweetDeck get the integration ball rolling fast enough to keep the pace?

More Than Just a Twitter Client

Seesmic has big plans going forward, that will take them into the world of development platforms. At the Microsoft PDC late last year, they announced their plans for a new plug-in architecture built on Windows. Check it out.