Plum Offers a Micro-social network
The more popular Web 2.0 technologies become the smaller they get. Case in point: Plum, a social media platform company, has launched a new social media platform called Share Space Pro. Considered to be micro-social network, Share Space Pro aims to provide users with a custom social-networking application that can be modified to look and feel like the host site it's running on. Companies can sign up for Plum's service and create a mini-social network for a page on their site with the help of Share Space Pro. Headers, footers and page layouts can be developed to match the design of the host site. By adding customizable widgets, advanced content monitoring and account management services to increase the functionality of the service, users can share photos, videos and documents on the page. In addition, Share Space Pro allows members to publish shared information on Twitter and Facebook. Micro-social networks serve to maintain social interactions by with allowing users to have greater control over the things they share and post. Plum aims to let its users easily share and discuss about the things they want with the people and sites they want. Share Spaces is delivering content to 27 million users monthly through partner websites in the travel, entertainment, publishing, not-for-profit and education sectors. As well, Share Spaces is available to websites immediately in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese. Learn more about Plum and Share Spaces Pro at