Evidently it's never too soon for big moves in social business. Four days into the new year, Dachis Group, a social business design firm, has received US$ 30 million dollars in a single round of venture funding.  

Dachis Group's aim is to introduce large corporate enterprises to social technology. In addition to teaching businesses the Facebook and Twitter ropes, the team also works with companies on their ideas for boosting the employee-partner-client ecosystem via social tools. 

These new money is being piled on top of the US$ 50 million that Austin Ventures shelled out for Dachis Group when it was founded two years ago. Many speculate it will help pay for the six different startups Dachis Group purchased last year: XPLANE, The 2.0 Adoption Council, Hinchcliffe & Company, Stuzo and Archrival, and Powered-- all of which are consulting and design firms.

"Eighteen months ago, we were five people in a cube at Austin Ventures, and now we are the largest social business consultancy in the world," said founder Jeffrey Dachis. "We believe we're at the beginning of a dramatic shift in the way corporations use social business, and we're excited to help our customers navigate an increasingly connected and social world."

What does this mean for social business? Check out a quick video about what Dachis himself thinks is up next: 

Last year, only a couple of companies -- WhateShark Media and CSIdentity included -- were lucky enough to receive US$ 30 million or more in a single funding round. Who knows how the numbers will jump this year, but one thing that's for certain is Dachis Group's leadership position. Check them out here