Social Media Generates Enterprise Buzz at Open Text Content World

For ten years now, I have been working with web content management solutions. Right now, the excitement and innovation level is the highest I’ve ever seen. With the rise of social media, web and enterprise 2.0, there is a feeling that significant change is on the way. And it will deeply impact society and cultures through engagement with web content and rich media.

Here at Open Text Content World in Orlando, there is a great deal of buzz as customer, partners and even employees start to really understand the massive opportunities -- and challenges -- we are facing with the rise of web 2.0 and social media. 

Major Shifts and Changes

We are experiencing a major shift from traditional content consumption. Brand and content is no longer expressed to the consumer in one direction – now it is a more interactive model.

Modern and emerging media provides a more interactive, involved and engaging experience through a bi-directional channel. This is at least the case for the young, connected and digital savvy generation who are becoming harder to penetrate through traditional advertising for a variety of reasons.

These reasons include physical and technological factors like e-mail and spam filters connected communities (such as Facebook, MySpace) to browser pop-up blockers, on-demand TV filters and voicemail to text services.

It seems the only way to connect with your audience is to join them in their space on their terms.

Even if the message gets through to this new digitally competent audience, it has to be engaging, relevant and useful in a world connected through reviews, opinions and recommendations that can be socialized in a contextual way. After all, it is this medium that will build greater trust with your customers, partners and employees.

Also if companies look to invest in developing web platforms that empower people to create, share and engage with new immersive content types, then it’s very important that this content can be managed, measured and for some organizations be compliant with the laws of that country.

Warming Up to Social Media

Based on what I’m seeing at Content World in discussions with representatives from some of the world’s top brands, it seems that the enterprise world is now ready to adopt and embrace social media through social business design that not only empowers their employees to create and communicate far more effectively but also enables them to get closer to their business partners and customers.

Take the example of a fax management company. A representative from the company explained to me over lunch that they realized the power of social media when they implemented a wiki platform that helped them on RFP processes.

By collaborating with their customers and partners through the wiki, they were able to build up a stronger RFP that in turn helped them win the deal. This is the classic case of the “what’s in it for me” moment when the value of social media business design through a managed and compliant process helps build stronger relationships.

Content World is helping organizations to understand that social media is not just about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- it’s about harnessing content through social constructs over the web as a platform and in turn building new business models or creating more efficient ways to do less with more.

From life sciences, banking and government, it’s clear that all industries are starting to see the real value of creating more robust web platforms and implementing social solutions that help bring content and people closer together through managed and secure business processes.