SocialText Takes Beta Tag Off SocialCalc, A Social Spreadsheet

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Happy anniversary to the spreadsheet! That's right, thirty years ago today Dan Bricklin helped dream up and release VisiCalc, the world's original spreadsheet.

In the last three decades Bricklin has continued to exercise his love for cells and grids via the Product Lead position for SocialCalc. Socialtext's (news, site) spreadsheet solution is integrated in their suite and can link data from other spreadsheets and workspace pages. Like their name suggests, the tool also attempts to reflect the changing times by including various social features as well:



Learning Opportunities

"SocialCalc is the next logical step for the spreadsheet," Bricklin said. "As we move into the social world, as typified by a wiki where there is one current copy that everyone can work from, the spreadsheet needs to move there, too."

To celebrate the concept's dirty thirty, the company has just stripped SocialCalc of its beta status. Existing Socialtext customers can get the tool for US$ 3 per month, while new customers can enjoy the tool free of charge for 2010. As usual, there is also a free trial version for all the skeptical.