Streamy Attempts to Raise Social Media Aggregation Bar

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How about something fun to top off your week? Combine an RSS reader like Google Reader, a Social Media aggregator like FriendFeed, plus a real-time search engine, and you’ve got Streamy.

The social news sharing mashup site, once upon a time called the Digg Killer, has finally come out of an 18 month long private beta period. Sign up now and you can toss all of your favorite services into one big Social Media salad. 

 It’s Neither FriendFeed Nor Digg…

…but it’s very similar.

When Streamy first hit the Web as invite only, the lucky few that got to test the service criticized it for being too similar to Digg because of the focus on news sharing. In addition to being able to forward stories to your Streamy contacts, the service also filters stories into your main page based on who’s reading and recommending them. The Digg comparison was natural.

These days, the service is in the same vein as FriendFeed and Google Reader. Like FriendFeed, you can integrate elite social media tidbits like Tweets from people you are following on Twitter and status updates from friends on Facebook, among others. Also a lifestream of your own, Streamy allows you to share stories from your site across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Last.Fm, and FriendFeed—and through Streamy’s on-site chat feature.

The features that make it a step up from FriendFeed are all in the aesthetics. Streamy is definitely better looking and way more customizable. On the functionality front, one tiny difference we appreciate is the navigation. Where FriendFeed makes you jump to the site where content is hosted, Streamy loads it within a pop-up which also lets you comment, bookmark, and share it with friend.

Co-founder Don Mosites says we can expect a lot of up coming functionality, like the integration of GChat, AIM and Facebook Connect.

Learning Opportunities

Not Dreamy…Yet

If you add Streamy’s extensive beta period to all the promised functionality of which we’ve seen neither hide nor hair (but is said to be in the very near future), it looks suspiciously like the team behind the service really just wanted to kick it out already.

Let’s pretend for a second that upon yesterday’s release the mashup included GChat, AIM, Facebook Connect, and let you reply to Tweets—all things Mosites says are dropping within the next few weeks. Something like that could’ve held our interest for a bit longer. For now, Streamy remains a very, very tiny blip on the radar.

Still, the idea is a good one and we encourage you to try it and provide some feedback. Let this video do for you what we couldn’t do with words and tell us what you think.