Thoora Starts Public Beta With Real-Time News Discovery

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Thoora Starts Public Beta, Offers Real Time News Discovery Across all Media

There isn’t much that doesn’t take place in Vegas. Including the 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo, the first and only industry-wide trade show, conference and media event dedicated to blogging and new media.

The BlogWorldExpo was witness to an announcement by Thoora.

For those who don’t know, Thoora is a site that helps people discover the news attracting the most attention within social and traditional media. In real time, Thoora identifies the most interesting stories by exploring the entire blogosphere, Twitter and nearly 5,000 traditional media sources to determine the stories attracting the most blog posts, comments, tweets and news coverage.

How Thoora Works

A free service, which has been in private beta since it hobnobbed at TechCrunch50 last month, is now open to the masses. It allows users to find the news attracting the most attention and social media reactions. 

Thoora's proprietary platform filters, clusters and ranks technology are used to highlight the stories generating the biggest reaction within the web world. With its news aggregation and story ranking algorithm, the system is completely automated. Itrelies on “people's implicit actions rather than human curation” to determine the most buzz worthy stories.

Learning Opportunities

Breadth of Content

With more than 25 subcategories, Thoora allows users to browse specific areas of interest, as well as publish their comments about stories directly to Twitter or Facebook or share them with their friends on Thoora to initiate conversations about the day’s top stories. 


Thoora Top Stories Feed

Thoora aims to “tear down the silos between social and traditional media,” so readers no longer have to visit one site for a news article and another place for a blogger's perspective. It also works to leverage the so-called wisdom of the crowds in an effort to capture the buzz as it’s being made.

This time what happens in Vegas, actually helps the rest of the world discover who’s talking about what.