CMS/Groupware team TikiWiki (news, site) packs in the upgrades and improvements in the latest release of its wiki open-source super-tool.

Get Your Information Out There

However you want to collate or harness the power of social media, Tikiwiki (Tightly Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure Wiki) offers a way to do it. From blogs to forums, to wikis to RSS, it has the power to create the site, background infrastructure and information resources that are needed, all as an integrated package.

The latest version claims a massive 200-plus enhancements, fixes, features and tweaks. Scanning through the changelog file, the only new feature we can see is the addition of support for the Slovenian language.

Enhancements include an improved user interface in some places within the application, the addition of label elements to form fields, improved visibility of queries, multilingual headers and a new logo.

Fixated on Bugs and Tweaks

The list of fixes is long but mostly consists of minor stuff like getting .FLV files to work in Opera, fixing the wraparound on tags and many, many others.

Powered by PHP, jQuery, template engine Smarty and several other open source components, TikiWiki aims to get users started quickly, out-of-the-box by choosing from default profiles that save time configuring the system. For example if you want a corporate intranet, just choose that profile and the basic settings are done for you.

With support for mobile devices, external authentication, WYSIWYG editing and social features like surveys, quizzes and polls, TikiWiki and its 200-plus army of coders is used in some big organizations such as Rio Tinto, Mozilla and KDE, among tens of thousands of smaller users, so it may well be worthy of investigation.