There are a number of services out there to let people know where you are, what you are doing and what you like. TripSay, a new travel service still in beta, is a mesh of personal mapping applications and review applications and services. If you are looking for a social network to share your travel stories and opinions, TripSay may be the community for you.

A Community for Travelers

With TripSay, you can not only mark your locations from your business trip or recent vacation, you can leave reviews of the location, amenities nearby and more. Plus you can plan your next trip or vacation around what actual people are saying, vote on locations -- a Digg style rating system, and gather a trusted list of friends to help.

TripSay the social travelers resource

Powered by Google Maps

TripSay has powered their system using Google Maps and provides a nice, clean, concise dashboard to interface from.

Add to this the extensive private beta they performed (thereby gathering a large database of public information already), information gleaned from YouTube, Flickr, and others, and you have a travel powerhouse with a social flare.

TripSay interactive, social mapping

For the Social Traveler Not the Best Price Shopper

According to, “We're not a service for searching for the best price for a vacation package. We offer a connected and personalized social community for you and others like you […].”

So whether planning a vacation, getting ready for your next must-go business trip, or just wanting to share about the area you live in, TripSay is the service where you can be social about traveling.