Worio In Real Time
Usually the words search and discovery have referred to legal holds and compliance issues. But now, thanks to Worio, those words also refer to good ol’ fashioned Internet searches.

Back in February we profiled Worio as it tried to define itself as a search engine that uses user-driven data as a way to leverage data, suggesting sites and pages that users might not have found through traditional search methods. Using algorithms similar to those that suggest what book we might purchase next or movie we might enjoy watching, Worio is focused on user behaviors.

Popular vs. Interesting

Nine months later, Worio is focused on finding the topics that are interesting, not just popular. According to Ali Davar, Worio’s CEO, some search topics will always be popular, but if you look closely to what people are saying about it, you can determine how interesting it is.

The Pageantry of Popular Search

With this method, if search engines were beauty pageant contestants, for example, Google might rock the swimsuit competition, but Worio is going to kill during the interview.

Calling itself the Zeitgeist Algorithm, Worio claims to pinpoint the “spirit of the times” by pulling out the key indicators that highlight the moment where interest was piqued.

Worio searches trending topics to find relevance. Everything from the words chosen to tag something, how it’s shared, tweeted and how they can be related, can shed light on what people are talking about.

Worio doesn’t want to be more accurate than Google. It wants to be the place you go to find trending topics. Google Trends may let you know what search terms are most popular at a given moment, but Worio is where you go to discover the information that is both relevant and interesting to what you are searching for right now.

Time Spent Exploring

According to Davar, it seems to be working. User behavior on Worio suggests that 15-20% of the time, users are interested in what Worio says. While it’s not yet clear how much time is spent exploring, Worio is excited nonetheless that users seems to be discovering new information.

For users, there are a variety of ways that they can continue to discover and share. They can invite friends, share with others, add searches to their library and link to their Facebook accounts.

Tracking users’ searches means there are even more sites to discover. And whatever tomorrow brings, Worio is sure to capture what made it all so interesting.