Twitter got ya down? Perhaps you’re bummed because you don’t have a lot of followers, or maybe nobody replies to your tweets and you’re feeling a bit insignificant. Well, go ahead and pick your head back up because a new study from MarketingProfs says the micro-blogging network is even less about being social than we already thought.

Revenge of the Nerds

True, Twitter has recently been a primary focus for companies interested in measuring ROI, but MarketingProfs says that nearly all of the 435 survey participants reported that their main reason for using Twitter is to get information in a timely manner.

Of course, some strength still lies in numbers. That is, roughly half of the respondents agreed that users with a large number of followers are more respected, but a whopping 100% strongly disagreed with the statement: “People who have a large number of followers are smarter than those who don’t.”

Looks like it’s an overall case of brains over brawn.

Additionally, the study showed that a sizable chunk of Twitter users don’t care if people have anything to say about their tweets or not. Numerically speaking, about half reported that they aren’t thrown off by a lack of response from the community.

#Information Superhighway

It should actually come as no surprise that Twitter is about information. In addition to the recent explosion of Twitter analytics tools and the company’s own new Search feature, a section for the top trending topics was added to each user’s sidebar just yesterday.

Twitter Search enables users to search across tweets from all around the world. You can even save up to 10 searches for one-click re-reference, thereby creating real-time feeds for all of your favorite topics.

Trending Topics displays the global top ten tweet topics in real-time, which allows users some insight to what people are searching for. This is all reflective of where we started, of course. Twitter is *the* information superhighway.

The moral of the story? Rather than worry about who’s following you or who’s responding, consider tweeting valuable information in a timely manner, and make sure you’re handing out those hash tags like candy.