WorkSimple Meets Goal, Releases New Features

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Despite the recent move to a freemium model, WorkSimple (news, site) continues to add features to its platform. And yet the question remains: Is WorkSimple social goals management or micromanagement-as-a-service?

I will be honest. When I first read about WorkSimple, my initial reaction was: "Oh great, another web-based social platform looking for an excuse to exist." But then I read some of the quotes from the CEO, Norman Morgan, and it started to make sense.

Morgan is right when he says that "the first phase of enterprise social networking was all about communication." The novelty of posting Twitter-like status updates inside the firewall wears off quickly.

When people are working, they are working. If they want to post to Twitter, they will post to Twitter.

But what if you could take the ideas and actions that have become second nature to us from our increasing usage of social networks, and tie them to actual "work"? Outside of bolted-on solutions from SAP and PeopleSoft, WorkSimple is the closest thing we've got.

Real-World Example

In my line of work, there is a web-based queue of assignments. My managers will either assign work out of the queue or I am expected to pick up tasks out of the queue. The queue tracks ownership, due dates and status of tasks.

Me, my co-workers, and our managers also use Yammer for internal communication. A great deal of the communication via Yammer is status updates about work assignments. However, we still rely on the web-based assignment queue for managing work.

If we could combine the assignment management features of our web-based tool with the communication functionality of a product like Yammer, then we would 1) be more productive, and 2) have one less web application to deal with.

Learning Opportunities

New Functionality

But enough about theory and practice. Here are the newest features:

  • Goal Activity Stream: see updates on goals in real-time
  • Reporting: new reports include Active Goal, Goal Score, Team and Category
  • Comments & Recognition: you knew there had to be a "Like" button
  • Progress Updates: updates at the individual and team levels
  • Alerts & Notifications: a manager's dream


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Like I said at the top, I am sold on the concept of social goals management. But then again, I am the target market -- a web-savvy knowledge worker with an addiction to productivity tools.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how you would sell a tool like WorkSimple internally except in the most progressive of organizations. Is your company using WorkSimple? If so, drop us a comment below and tell us about your experiences.