Yuuguu Offers Instant Conferencing, Chat and Meetings in One

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British software company Yuuguu hits the market with a messaging platform for all seasons offering a range of collaboration and communication tools.

Where Yuuguu, I Go

An early contender for both worst product name and logo of the year arrives from Manchester, England in the form of Yuuguu. Fortunately, the product looks like it rises above its name (derived from the Japanese for "fusion," fact fans) offering social media, instant communications between colleagues, sales prospects or distributed team members.

Developed as a tool to help the creators collaborate and work better, it has evolved into a platform to help anyone, especially corporates, better manage online working and interaction. Starting with the free version, you get web conferencing, with up to five users -- two of whom can be on your domain -- and online support.

The US$ 15 a month single-user version allows up to 30 participants for big group meetings and email support. Things get interesting with the US$ 25 per person/month version that allows for group set up and administration. Finally, the new Corporate version adds co-branding, security, free or low-cost audio conferencing (using Skype) and phone support, all at a fixed cost.

What's On Offer?

Aside from enterprise instant messaging, the service also includes:

Learning Opportunities

  • Integration with your company's email, calendars and other systems
  • Application sharing (in Windows)
  • The ability to share documents
  • Scheduling and more

The combined power of these features is a more in-touch workforce who can assist and evolve ideas or documents faster than via plain email.



Keep in touch and share work problems with Yuuguu

Collaborators Welcome

With plenty of competition in the market for collaboration and meeting tools, not to mention the morass of instant messaging tools, is there place for another one in the market? Yuuguu looks like a slick product that was made to meet its user's needs. Will it meet those of your company? Try the free download to see if it will fit in your workplace.