It’s been a long cold lonely winter...
The smiles returning to the faces...

(Soundtrack for this weekly review: The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun)

Sun's US $7.4 billion acquisition seems to be paying off, easing concerns of those with vested interest. When Sun operated as an independent company last year, they reported a loss of US $2.2 billion. Q4 results announced by Oracle this week show Sun shine with US $400 million in operating income.

The positive trend started in the previous quarter (the first full quarter of Oracle ownership), when Oracle's revenue hit US $6.4 billion, including the 10% that can be attributed to one month of Sun revenue.

While Sun will see more reductions and cost-cutting activities, open source ECM is on the route to expansion. Nuxeo raised a bit of cash in the second round of series A funding. While US$ 3.3 (€2.7) million may not seem like a huge amount, it will bring some sunshine to Nuxeo's Galaxy -- partner program focused on building apps on top of Nuxeo EP Enterprise CMS and providing customer support and maintenance, and professional services.

Partner/system integrator ecosystem and delivery of services to those implementing Nuxeo's DM, DAM or ECM products are the main streams of revenue for the open source vendor.

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