June too early for Xmas? Not for Nuxeo (news, site), who got US$ 3.3 million in series A funding. Oh, what to spend this on? Those things that generate revenue, of course.

Making Money in the OSS Galaxy

How does this open source ECM vendorpay bills and employee salaries? Mostly, through its SI andcustomer-support oriented Nuxeo Galaxy Partner Program.

OTC AssetManagement is giving Nuxeo more money, in addition to the initial US$ 2.6 million in Series A funding back in December 2008, to leveragethe new capital for growing the Nuxeo Galaxy partner program.


Nuxeo ECMS Architecture

Learning Opportunities

In the Nuxeo Galaxy, there's everything but dust and the "dark matter." Based on the open source Enterprise CMS Nuxeo EP, Galaxy aims to allow for CEVAs to be built, marketed (through Nuxeo’s Solution Marketplace), supported and distributed to customers and the Nuxeo community.

Those using the Galaxy will be able to get development assistance and coaching via Nuxeo Connect, its support and maintenance service. Galaxy is aimed at content-centric applications and is the way to explore and branch outfrom the core. Through this offering developers also get access to NuxeoStudio -- SaaS-based configuration and automation tool.

Nuxeo says it will be using the money to fund partner activities,such as funding co-development of third-party packaged applications,sharing Nuxeo engineering and services resources, as well as jointmarketing and product launch activities.

What Is Next?

Bigger things are coming. With more cash from this round of A series funding,  Nuxeo will continue itsexpansion in North America. Twitter says that Nuxeo's CEO Eric Barroca -- one of our 5 CMS execs to watch -- will be leaving France and moving to this side of the pond.Most likely, playing in Boston first (Nuxeo's US HQ) and the moving ontoNew York.

As Nuxeo gets even closer to its North Americancompetition in the likes of Open Text (news, site),  Alfresco (news, site) and others, it will be interesting to see how things progress in the nextcouple of quarters. Next thing we know, there's an IPO, or an acquisition. We know how much Open Text likes to dabble in this field of tech quilting, but it won't be them.