Nuxeo (news, site) has rounded up 2009 with reports of triple-digit growth in revenue and subscriber base numbers, as well as a look at how the open source Enterprise CMS vendor plans to tackle the overcrowded and mature ECM market.

Boasting Revenue and Subscriber Base Growth

Things are certainly looking good right now for Nuxeo with the uprise of open source that we’ve been seeing lately. In 2009, Nuxeo says it has tripled its subscriber base numbers. Growth is especially seen in the North American market, where Nuxeo is headquartered in Boston since February 2009, and is growing as an organization with recent key hires and a total of 50+ employees in Paris and Boston. The company’s top markets include government, education, construction/engineering.

On the revenue generation side, Nuxeo saw a 285% increase in monetary value recognized as revenue in 2009 compared to the year prior. The total of maintenance deals is not included in this number.

Nuxeo Connect -- the company’s subscription offering for maintenance and support -- remains the primary focus, as it drives the majority of revenue. Although, Nuxeo adds that they will continue to grow their Nuxeo DM Cloud editions that have already seen a steady flow of sign-ups from early adopter clients.

With demand for Nuxeo Connect subscriptions on the rise, Nuxeo reports that its revenue mix started shifting in Q4 2009 towards more packaged support and maintenance deals. Meaning that Nuxeo’s business model approach is meeting targets and objectives towards packaged connect services, where customization and deployment services are complementary to maintenance and support.

2009 Highlights for Nuxeo

We’ve been watching Nuxeo pretty closely in 2009 and covered the majority of their happenings, including:

  1. The launch of Galaxy Partner Program in July 2009. No, astronautical adventures are not included. But, if you are an ECM application and/or solution provider, you can take your coding dreams into the Galaxy and package them up into Content-Enabled Vertical Applications (CEVAs).
  2. Support for OpenSocial through community contributions in conjunction with the release of Nuxeo DM 5.3 in October 2009.
  3. Leading the Apache Chemistry project that offers a generic, open source Java reference implementation of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) spec:

        4. Release of Nuxeo Document Management in the Cloud.

        5. Release of Nuxeo EP 5.2 and RC of Nuxeo EP 5.3.

Learning Opportunities

        6. Partner network growth, including agreements with OpenLogic and metaLogic, and expanding its footprint in EMEA.

        7. Release of Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo Studio in 2010 followed the fruitful 2009:

On Playing in the Crowded ECM Market

Nuxeo’s CEO Eric Barroca (we won’t be surprised if, at some point soon, we'll see him on some Top CEOs Under 35 to Watch list) said:

Our experience over the past 12 + months in North America is that there is a large segment of the market that want the breadth and depth of larger content management systems from first generation ECM vendors such as EMC, IBM, Open Text and Oracle – but today they require more modern, extensible architectures and lower overall costs.

Barroca expanded on this thought in his recent blog post, where he discusses how Nuxeo fits in the legion of ECM behemoths and how Nuxeo plans to use their appeal of a feature-rich ECM platform and packaged applications to address the architectural and functional needs of large enterprises.

One of the memorable quotes from Barroca’s post:

In this world of lean, on-demand, instant-on, the major ECM payers still talk literally in days or weeks to install their software. It’s faster to setup a whole virtual datacenter processing and storing terabytes of data on the Amazon Cloud than setting up a vanilla ECM system!

Nuxeo’s CEO says he is convinced that there is room for new ECM players in the evolving market. We’ll have to wait and see how this conclusion pans out in 2010 and beyond. We know the Enterprise CMS world needs a change. Will Nuxeo be the catalyst?