Nuxeo DAM Goes GA, Touts CMIS Compliance

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Nuxeo DAM Goes GA, Touts CMIS Compliance

As promised late last year, and after weeks of public beta, Nuxeo (news, site) has released the GA version of its new Digital Asset Management (DAM) product.

In addition to extensible architecture and a decent feature set, one of the main selling points seems to be Nuxeo DAM’s compliance with the CMIS spec.

Nuxeo DAM 1.0

We’ve covered Nuxeo DAM in much detail last year. The majority of features announce in the beta are found in the 1.0 release, including:

  • Asset capture and batch import with IPTC and EXIF metadata extraction
  • Intellectual Property and Rights Management to control rights, attributions and expiration dates
  • Renditions for the ability to manage multiple formats and sizes of a digital asset
  • Filter-based navigation of the asset repository and ability to search by full text, content type, folder name, etc.
  • Security & Access control via Access Control Lists (ACLs) on folders.

As outlined in the beta release, Nuxeo DAM is browser- and web-based (i.e. no plug-ins or Flash needed).

Nuxeo DAM UI.png

Nuxeo DAM Web-based UI

Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca points out the product strength: "Nuxeo DAM has the same high level of flexibility as its underlying platform - Nuxeo EP - thanks to its extension-point, plug-in infrastructure."

Nuxeo DAM and CMIS

Nuxeo DAM, says the vendors, “is the first application of its kind to meet the currently available draft of the OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification.” CMIS and Nuxeo’s work on their own implementation of it called Apache Chemistry is something we have also covered in detail here and here. And there.

Learning Opportunities

Nuxeo EP, which is the underlying ECM platform for Nuxeo DAM, includes a CMIS Server based on the latest CMIS draft, ensuring interoperability among various parts of the Enterprise CMS suite. There may not be much use of CMIS yet, as it has not been ratified by OASIS, but in this case, it can provide a playground for developers working with Nuxeo and other ECM products.

Nuxeo Connect Comes to Help

Finally, to get the best out of all the worlds, Nuxeo advises to not take Digital Asset Management deployments lightly and to use their commercial Nuxeo Connect subscription service in combination with the open source product.


Nuxeo Connect

Nuxeo Connect is a subscription service delivered to Nuxeo's customers,providing maintenance and support for Nuxeo's Enterprise CMSsoftware. It includes such usuals as service level agreements,access to certified patches, configuration, monitoring and management tools, aswell as product updates. Like most vendors, open source or not, Nuxeo offerspremium 24/7 support levels as part of Nuxeo Connect.