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Highlights of the Week

* Quick Take Review: Xythos On Demand Document Management. Looking for a centralized document management solution with strong collaboration capabilities, offline sync support and compliance features? Take a peek inside. * Movable Type v.Next Slowly Emerging. It takes time to move to much better content management for the Movable Type blogging platform. * EMC’s New XML-Based Store and Delivery Service. Built on open standards and designed to manage and publish complex documentation like technical specifications. * Reuters Lab Opens Content Through API. Further proof that innovation breeds more innovation: A news you can use initiative. * YouPublish.Com Offers Up a Content Marketplace. Marketplace. Content portal. Social Network. * Facebook Opens Your Identity to the World Wide Web. The more web 2.0 progresses and the more the term web 3.0 shows up. Enter Facebook Connect. * Quick Take Review: Matchbin's Social Marketplace for Publishers. Exploring the technical wonder bundle that is a fully fledged social media system, web content management system and ecommerce marketplace rolled-up in one.

Most Popular Articles

And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of -- if page views are anything to go by, anyways. So what was your fancy? Popular CMS, and a whole mess of Sharepoint! * How They Hack Your Website: Overview of Common Techniques * Web Content Management with SharePoint MOSS 2007 (Part 1) * Is Ning The Next Facebook or MySpace? * Results: Most Popular CMS in Technorati's Top 100 * Design Your Site with WordPress Magazine Themes * Alfresco Flying High - The Power of Open Source

The Economy is in the Dumps but Content Management is Booming

If you're looking to advance your career, or if your org has got empty seats in need of savvy CMSers, you're in luck. Catch the best fish of the season on our content management industry job board. Featured Jobs: * Director of Social Media Sales at SocialMedia * Content Management Specialist at Nimblefish * Senior Copywriter at T3 - The Think Tank * Social Advertising Designer at SocialMedia * Senior User Interface Designer at * Social Media Marketing Manager at IBM * Interaction Designer at Hotwire, Inc.