Quick Take Review: Matchbin's Social Marketplace for Publishers

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matchbin social ecommerce for publishers
Matchbin is touted as the world’s first ecommerce platform as a service that specializes in both product and service matching. They've created something called the Community Marketplace Multimedia Edition. This technical wonder bundle is a fully fledged social media system, web content management system and ecommerce marketplace rolled-up in one.Matchbin is geared towards those developing a community focused website. Candidate customers include newspapers, special interest groups and professional organizations. The platform enables entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to own an ecommerce community marketplace that is locally focused, yet globally connected. The company's latest offering brings support for publishing multi-media files including video and audio in various formats, and allows video and audio clips to be posted to websites.

Company and Product History

Launched in 2002, Matchbin is the provider of the first ecommerce and social marketplace platform as a service. The product is meant for use by individuals, organizations and businesses to buy, sell and trade locally, nationwide or on a global scale. Powered by Matchbin’s ActiveMatch platform, Matchbin proactively searches and finds relevant goods and services for its growing number of online community marketplaces, allowing consumers and businesses worldwide a new way to buy, sell and trade goods and services with people they know and trust.In 2005 Matchbin set out to revamp their technology with the goal of merging the physical world with the virtual world to create a online community where users could easily find things of interest, socially connect with people and communities online and be provided with ample opportunities for e-commerce. In 2007, Matchbin released the beta version of Community Marketplace Multimedia Edition. Partnering with more than 275 communities, Matchbin connects all of these communities and individual members together through its platform and provides them with the ability to match products and services that they can then auction, buy, sell or trade.Matchbin's other products include Servicefront and Storefront. Servicefront is a customizable website provided and supported by Matchbin technology. With a Servicefront site, businesses get extensive “yellow page” advertising and other promotional capabilities in an easy-to-use packaged. Storefront allows users to sell items online and benefit from no transaction fees, inventory management, credit card acceptance and access to Matchbin's ActiveMatch technology.

Market & Pricing

Matchbin Community Marketplace is geared toward local and community news outlets, dedicated to serving accurate and timely information to its readers. From classifieds to wedding announcements, its user interface and functionality reaches out to those media whose grassroots initiatives are the lifeblood of their endeavor. With reasonable and flexible pricing, starting at US$ 399 per month, most outlets will be able to benefit from its services.

The Original Business Problem

Matchbin’s focus with Community Marketplace is to help members expand their reach in the global online classified and social networking marketplace. They hope to create a new business opportunity and a paradigm shift in the multi-billion dollar online classified transaction arena. Revenue for Community Marketplace owners is generated from the sale of listing upgrades and other Matchbin products such as Servicefronts and Storefronts. These products are displayed in the Community Marketplace, but as with all listings and products, are accessible to any user on the Matchbin platform.Designed with journalists in mind, Matchbin's CMS boasts an "easy to use" interface that features a Content Builder Dashboard as well as customizable community settings that make uploading media simple.

Key Features

Community Marketplace Multimedia Edition offers the following functionality:All-inclusive Content Management System The functionality of a high-end content management system. The solution makes it easy to establish an online presence, upload streaming audio and video and publish fresh content.

Figure: Content Management Home Page


Figure: Content Listings


Figure: Content Creation - page 1


Figure: Content Creation - page 2

Banner Advertising NetworkDelivers high quality advertisements from around the world. Gives users the ability to sell ad inventory directly to advertisers interested in the demographic served.Business DirectoryProvides your community with enhanced listings for businesses, creates utility for members and provides an advertising opportunity for business owners.

Sample: The Watch

Community Events CalendarPresents the activities in your community posted by users and their members. Enables email, RSVP capabilities and mobile reminders.E-commerce MarketplaceProvides innovative e-commerce capabilities. Individuals and businesses can buy, sell or trade items and services. With Matchbin’s patented ActiveMatch technology, individuals receive instant matches to their listings. Local Listings come up first, cascading out geographically until the results include national and global partners.Local Business WebsitesProvides an online business directory where visitors can search listings. A Businessfront is a customizable web page designed to promote the products and services of a business. Businessfronts provide targeted advertising for companies reaching out to community members and are an excellent source of revenue for community owners.

Sample: West Valley Journal

Social NetworkingMatchbin offers social networking and e-commerce tools, which allow individuals to create networks of business and personal contacts where they can: share information and files, discuss topics of interest, be informed of community events, and buy, sell and trade with each other.Self Service ClassifiedsProvides an easy to use classified ad placement interface that uploads directly to all popular publishing programs.

Sample: Vernal.com

Features and Functionality in Multi-Media Edition

Supported MediaThe Multi-Media Edition supports a wide range of media types including: photos, video, audio, text, flash and RSS Feeds.End-User InteractionEnd-user interaction functionality includes a number of social media/social networking features such as:* User generated content, User feedback, User Posted Legal Notices and User Posted Announcements* Downloadable media files* Media reviews, Movie Reviews, Business Reviews, Restaurant Reviews* Polls, Ratings, Surveys* BlogsFunctionalityA list of new functionality too long to name them all, but here's a smattering:* Fully Hosted Site* Accepts ALL Popular Video & Audio Formats* Embedded Media Players* Geo-Coded Content* Audio/Video Article Publishing* Advertising Management* Mobile and Chat Capabilities* E-commerce (Pay Pal, Authorize. net, etc)


Matchbin's Community Marketplace Multimedia Edition provides a hearty CMS ideal for the abounding journalist. Focused on the needs of the user, it seeks to provide "easy to use" applications. In addition, it gives the consumer the ability to control what they want, which is never a bad approach. With such a wide range of features and functions, Matchbin may prove useful and advantageous as news organizations familiarize themselves with Web 2.0 and beyond. Take a trip past Matchbin's website to dig into the lastest info on their products and services.