BooRah: Food + Web 3.0 = Money

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BooRah: Food + Web 3.0 = Money

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of semantics in the recent past with regard to search functionality, but you’re probably wondering if there’s anything else to be gleaned from linguistic development.

Straight up: you want to know if semantics, in any way shape or form, mean money. The answer, friends, is "yes." BooRah, a restaurant reputation report, is a prime example of this.

Semantic Analysis

Semantic search delivers results that are molded to an individual consumer’s needs. Computers are able to deliver unique answers because semantic development allows machines to understand Natural Language. This means you can use a semantic search tool to ask the question “How old is Brad Pitt?” And the top answer would be something like: “Brad Pitt – Age: 45 years.”

Google does this. Try it. Go on, try it! It’s pretty nifty compared to the days of yore. You know, back when asking that question would yield search results containing mindless celebrity forums and such.

Now, take that analytic dynamic, apply it to business and what do you get? Semantic models. Models capable of finding indicators that predict forthcoming output and business conditions. In an age like this one, foreknowledge of such things is priceless.

Think about it like this: When you know the conditions of the future, you can change the present accordingly. Outlook good? Keep doing what you're doing. Outlook bad? Time to make a change. With semantic analysis, you're not only forewarned, you're also offered better money-making strategies.

Monetizing the Semantic Web, Restaurant Style

Through semantic analysis, startup BooRah provides a Restaurant Reputation Report. By tallying Consumer Generated Media (CGM) across sites like Yelp and CitySearch, BooRah’s restaurant report card monitors trends toward negative and positive reviews. The service also pulls out key quotes from consumers and offers up the most effective ads based on a technological understanding of an average customer’s wants and needs.

Basically? The report tells restaurant owners what’s bringing in the bacon and what’s not. Then it tells them what they can do to make even more bacon. Not bad for US$ 25.00 a month, right?

Learning Opportunities

So all ye restaurant owners out there, don’t let a bad review on Yelp get you down. BooRah’s simple charts and a straightforward presentation offer insight about what’s really going on with your business, month by month and in an easy to read PDF format:


boorah sample report.jpg


Check out the entire sample PDF here.

Additionally, BooRah’s reputation is already quite impressive. Already featured in Time magazine, BusinessWeek and Herald.com, our friends over at ReadWriteWeb.com recently named them one of their Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2008.

Join the semantic revolution and check them out at www.boorah.com.