Today sees the kickoff for Internet World 2011 and we'll bring you all the news and events throughout the three days of speeches, keynotes, news and any rumors or gossip that emerges.

Facebook's (and Your) Future

The first keynote is already underway, from Facebook on the future of the social web for brands. The speakers are talking to an overcrowded room (with many folks unable to get in) about designing marketing around people and contacts, with recommendations becoming a prime factor in marketing and web engagement. Sponsored stories are another way Facebook recommends to boost the scale of word-of-mouth awareness.

Its rule is, build your Facebook page along with your business, creating opportunities for engagement and social activity, and watch growth explode. Or to quote Facebook's Rick Kelly, "place people at the heart of what you are doing."

On a side note, cars are being designed now that will update you with spoken Facebook messages as you drive. That'll make for some serious unfriending. Tomorrow, Faceboook is offering workshops on amplifying your message on Facebook and integrating with the Facebook platform.

Around the Floor

Outside the scrum trying to get into Facebook's speech (and already there is lots of criticism of the space for these events, but isn't there always) the show is broken down into five sections: Connectivity and hosting, content management, digital and mobile marketing, e- and m-commerce and social media.

We're looking forward to Cisco's "The Internet of Things, a new era of connectivity" presentation, while, later, LinkedIn will be explaining the talent-based economy. On the floor are hundreds of companies, with a big presence for Sage Pay, Sitecore, Alterian and Rackspace with some serious sponsorship. 

Stay in Touch

You can follow events as they happen by keeping an eye on the #iwexpo hastag on Twitter -- go say "Hi" to Huddle, which grabbed the promoted tweet for that tag! Looks like there should be a different tag for moaning attendees, #iwexpogripes perhaps, as even in the lofty spaces of Earl's Court, things seem to be as cramped and under-resourced as ever.