Take a Web Video Speed Test with Vzaar

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Online video service Vzaar (news, site) has a tool to help check whether your connection is as good as it should be for online video viewing.

Watch Me, I'm a Video

Web video viewers can now measure their capability for watching online videos. Why? Well, it was all well and good, assuming decent video quality and speed, when we were all hooked up to our office networks or home broadband. But, now in an age of wireless routers, multiple devices leeching off them and 3G video, video performance is again under scrutiny for Web 2.0 types .

Vzaar, the online video platform company backed by Oliver Stone, among others, has a new set of tools to help check that your online experience will be what you need -- an essential thing to check now that lots of corporate training is done on streamed video, more companies use video as promotional tools and so on. A speed test and a bit-rate test can be found in Vzaar's Tools Hub.


Vzaar: Choose your usual speed and see if the test video works

Learning Opportunities

Bit-By-Bit Testing

Most devices should handle video perfectly well, but if the source material is at too high a bit rate, it can chop and stutter on any machine or device. One of the tests uses a series of videos at increasing bit rates to find out what maximum quality your own setup can reasonably handle.

These tools can be a useful extra for people regularly using video content for business or entertainment who want happy customers on the other end. It could also be important for video producers, trying to get the best video quality without compromising user experience.

Vzaar offers a professional video hosting platform for all types of media outlets, but the tools are free for anyone to try.