Oliver Stone Invests in Online Video With Vzaar

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Oliver Stone Invests in Online Video With Vzaar
Video hosting platform Vzaar gets itself some high-profile investment in the form of Oliver Stone. So what does the great director see in this company's future and its new video platform?

Video Bazaar

Oliver Stone has always been a maverick, but for him to pop up in the pages of CMSWire is a bit farfetched. He is also a shrewd businessman and must have some insight -- or good advice -- into the future of the web to make investments in the DAM arena.

With Kaltura launching its latest Amazon-powered open source platform yesterday, there is certainly plenty of activity in the space. Vzaar itself has gone from selling video to eBay users to a professional platform, all in the space of three years. With Stone's investment and the arrival of new CEO, business technology expert Stephen McCluskey, Vzaar seems destined to make some noise in the near future.


Vzaar's new console helps create stylish custom video players

Learning Opportunities

Looking Forward

Vzaar has certainly been busy, getting Mr. Stone to film an advert for the company. Also this year, Vzaar has signed up its thousandth client and released an iPhone app offering account control and the ability to edit and manage videos.

Vzaar's system helps users create a range of players and content sizes -- including HD -- and compile playlists and analytics. Everything can be put on your site from US$ 49.00 per month, with various storage options across a range of price points. 

You can give the 30-day free trial a shot to try the service out, but the concept is a straightforward one; upload your own video, create a player for it and embed the code in your site to offer and monetize your content.