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ZyLAB, a developer of information access solutions for the last 20 years, is announcing that it has finalized a technology partnership with Google that helps users search for and access public archives of information stored within secure ZyIMAGE XML repositories. In plain English, this means pages upon pages of information that once resided outside of Google’s purview are now searchable for the everyday Googler. How did this come about?Everyone with access to the Internet uses a search engine at some point, with the vast majority choosing Google. With this in mind, the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and other ZyLAB customers requested this added functionality, knowing it would increase traffic to previously-unknown caches of stored information in ZyLAB repositories. Last year, the NAL launched the NAL Digital Repository (NALDR), using ZyLAB’s ZyIMAGE system to provide access to the full text of selected US Department of Agriculture (USDA) publications. Thanks to this new partnership, searching for this information with a internet search engine crawler offers added access to public archives stored in ZyIMAGE. “The NALDR contains a wide variety of publications that have been digitized by NAL dating back to 1864,” said Carol Ditzler, Head of the Collection Services Branch. “This is all public information and we want to ensure that it is easily found by the public but stored in a secure manner. "With the enormous popularity of Internet search engines such as Google, it only made sense to incorporate this type of functionality. We applaud ZyLAB for making this a reality.” The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed an innovative mechanism to overcome the challenge of information stored in repositories by developing what is known as a "Sitemap." A sitemap file is stored in the WWW root of the server with access URLs, where internet crawlers can then index the data in the ZyIMAGE repositories by launching a URL for each document. The text of the document is returned to the crawler and added to the search engine index. When a user searches for this information with Google, voila! Google can point to the URL that shows the document, even if it is an image-based scanned document. “It is our goal to provide our customers with the functionality they demand,” said Dr. Johannes Scholtes, President, ZyLAB North America LLC. “ZyIMAGE offers [...] a secure, open format for storing information that can easily be accessed by end users, internally or externally. The additional capability of finding information via Google is yet another strong proof point of our ability to develop word-class solutions.” For more information on this new partnership, visit the ZyLAB website.