Absoft Group, based in Brisbane Australia, specializes in providing technology solutions for the corporate sectors both down under, and internationally. Their Site-Ezy CMS offers non technical or HTML-savvy users complete control over their websites. Absoft Group offers services in the realm of web application development, mobile software solutions, graphics and multidesign, data capture and RFID solutions as well as web application development. They are responsible for a diverse range of software solutions that include Site-Ezy, Spyder, Vyper, EquiNet, Hornet, Stingray and Ebooth. Site-Ezy software solution is a web CMS that enables the staff as well as the department of an organisation to manage their online presence. Absoft Group bills it as a technically advanced software solution that provides user friendly operating environment. Site-Ezy system can be accessed using any internet connection and claims to offer complete control over the specific website thereby not requiring the use of manuals or other time consuming databases. Their website promises that as long as you know how to operate basic text programs like Microsoft Word, you will be able to design a website with Site-Ezy. This is a pretty lofty promise, but a screen shot of their web editor (shown below) makes the system seem straight forward enough.

The Site-Ezy system provides for the easy editing of content on a website as well as management of e-mail addresses and website membership. It provides website statistics and creates e-newsletters as well. Visit Absoft Site-Ezy for more information.