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ADXSTUDIO Inc., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has released ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.0, the newest version of their web content management system. Built on the .NET Framework, it offers a number of product enhancements ranging from the support of, and integration with, Microsoft's next generation of server products, to new Social Networking functionality and powerful usability improvements for content authors and website administrators. ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.0 offers content authors a number of new and improved authoring features such as: * Content Snippets and a dynamic template language for content authors * Inline (embedded) Link Management * New RSS Feed features and improvements * Custom data source controls and data binding support * A new plug-in framework for use with custom classes * Out-of-the-box basic website and blog website templates. "The RTM launch of ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.0 through our partner channel in December was a tremendous success and the timing of this 'public' release couldn't be better", said Shan McArthur, VP of Technology at ADXSTUDIO Inc. "We've been able to capitalize on the strength of the latest Microsoft server products including Windows Server(R) 2008, Visual Studio(R) 2008, SQL Server 2008 and IIS 7." ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.0 meets the criteria for the Microsoft "Platform Test for ISV Solutions" program including Windows Server, Managed Code, SQL Server 2005, Web services, and the .NET Framework. The testing was independently conducted by VeriTest -- the qualified testing service of Lionbridge Technologies. The continuous product build process adopted during the development of ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.0 will allow the company to release several new versions throughout the year. McArthur also noted "Our ability to offer the frequent delivery of new features and functionalities ensures that our customers will continually receive value on an ongoing basis." In addition to the new content author and developer features, ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.0 uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as a platform for managing all customer and company communications, activities and tasks, a feature that should give organizations a broader view of their clients. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is a collaborative application that lets employees across the organization access centralized customer information to the extent allowed by their user and group permissions. Check out ADXSTUDIO for more info.