Agility Hosted Web CMS
That's right, Agility announced their first monthly upgrade of 2009. Now, the only thing remotely remarkable about that is the ‘monthly upgrade’ part. Well, that and you don’t have to perform it. Software as a Service in the world of hosted CMS will appeal to those whose needs demand CMS horsepower, but don’t want an in-house IT solution.


If you're someone who thinks PHP is something that becomes unbalanced and turns your pool green, and as far as you're concerned, Web 2.0 is a semantic mishap wherein somebody forgot to add ‘complicated’, and Web CMS, SaaS, ASP, and the other ten-thousand acronyms cause your eyes to flutter and your thoughts turn to lunch, then monthly updates with an exclamation point may seem 'overly boisterous. In the world of all those acronyms—it's not.

Edentity Web Systems Inc., vendor of the Agility CMS announced their first update of 2009. Agility is a completely hosted CMS with a flat monthly fee that covers support, hosting, hardware, licensing and frequent updates.

This month the changes are primarily in the back end.

Updates to Agility CMS

Publishing Speed Improvement

  • Tweaked and optimized speed of publishing content with particular advances for sites running on multiple servers.
  • Reduced content synchronization chunks to allow faster content publishing throughput.

Framework Updates

  • Now provides instant availability of all framework updates to site library and developers.

Site Reporting Enhancements

  • Added a domain status report feature for administrators.

Enhanced Logging

  • Now allowing developer originated filters for better insight into exceptions such as 404’s

Site Health Polling

  • Content server now polls sites checking for improper sync’ing and degraded behaviors.

Additional updates include compatibility with IIS7, a developer kit for Visual Studio Express and over 70 bug fixes.

Joel Varty, Director of Research and Development for Agility says, “Our unique approach to software development means that our users are in total control over their CMS. We alternate the focus of each release between new features, productivity enhancements and back-end improvements, to ensure that the software improves in a balanced way.”

Guess that means next month's update is all about new features.

Head over and have a look for yourself.