Agility Hosted Web CMS
Edentity Web Systems Inc., a vendor of Web content management solutions, has recently announced the newest release of the Agility Web CMS. The hosted CMS adds new features that make the management of content easier while offering search engine optimizations.The Agility CMS was built for users who need to create and manage complex web sites. Essentially, it is a framework that allows for rapid development of sites that are fully customizable. Agility is a hosted CMS that is available on Agility's servers only.

Agility Gets Upgrades

The Agility CMS has received a number of new and improved features that will assist with the administration of a web site: * Content Tagging Support: More organizational options open up with the addition of tagging * Google Webmaster Tools Support: A Google Sitemap can be easily integrated into a web site * Improved Telerik RadEditor: The rich text editor for Agility has been completely reworked to be easier and far more useful * Bugs Squashed, API Updated and Performance Tweaked: Many other system improvements have been done to improve the overall Agility experience Joel Varty, architect at Agility, stated “We are very pleased with this release because it adds a couple of the major features that our clients have been asking for. We also love tuning the system for performance because it means that our clients can get their jobs done faster.”
The Agility CMS rich text editing environment

The Agility CMS rich text editing environment

Pricing and Availability

Agility is a completely hosted CMS with a flat monthly fee that covers things like support, hosting, hardware and licensing. There is no single price -- it is negotiable. Agility's official site does give some insight into how much a solution could cost: "A typical budget to plan and configure an Agility managed site is anywhere from US$ 10,000 to US$ 100,000, including documentation, training and project management, depending on the complexity of your site." The base Agility Web hosting package includes the following: * 5 Users * 1 language * Unlimited pages and content * Site search for up to 500 pages * Daily backups * 1 GB Disk space * Email support The Agility Web CMS should be a great solution for businesses looking to have a solution up and running in a short amount of time. More information about Agility can be found on their official site.