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  • Agility CMS Announces Broadcast Solution

    Agility Broadcast Solution is an out-of-the-box, customizable website for broadcasters in the media and entertainment industries. Agility CMS lets users manage content across digital channels, including websites, mobile apps and social media pages from one interface.

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  • Edentity Rebrands as Agility CMS to Unify Products, Services

    Rebrands are often complex and dubious exercises, but there's no issue with Agility CMS's new look because it looks cool and the old one, Edentity, sounded so Web 1.0.

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  • Agility CMS Adds Dashboard, Cloud Storage Support

    The ASP.NET-based, SaaS Agility CMS received several new features in its March update iteration. There’s a new dashboard that gives Agility users a good look into the happenings of their sites, content linking capability and support for cloud storage in Amazon S3. Let’s look at these updates in detail.

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  • Agility CMS Shoots for Enhanced Productivity

    Each month, Edentity Web Systems aims to release yet another iterative update to its SaaS, ASP.NET-based Agility Web CMS. November, true to fashion, brings more updates focused, mainly, around productivity improvements. Focus on Productivity Enhancements Monthly iterations’ focus is usually alternated among new features, productivity enhancements and back-end improvements. Following tagging and Google sitemaps additions back in September, this month is all about productivity. Page Copy Function November updates to the Agility Web CMS include the ability to replicate an existing

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  • Agility Web CMS Upgrades: Tagging, Google Sitemaps

    Edentity Web Systems Inc., a vendor of Web content management solutions, has recently announced the newest release of the Agility Web CMS. The hosted CMS adds new features that make the management of content easier while offering search engine optimizations.

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