Agility Broadcast Solution is an out-of-the-box, customizable website for broadcasters in the media and entertainment industries. Agility CMS lets users manage content across digital channels, including websites, mobile apps and social media pages from one interface.


Agility CMS is a browser-based content management system that can be used to manage a website built in ASP.NET. It supports both Web Forms and MVC. The Agility Broadcast Solution is customizable and includes blog and newsletter functionality and supports video content and user-generated content. Multi-channel publishing, Google search integration, Search Engine Optimization and advertising integration are also part of the solution.

“Broadcasters can easily upload, manage and insert ads, and generate incremental revenue,” says Andre Gaulin, Agility's SEO.


In Q1 of 2011, in an effort to unify its products and services and challenge other web CMS systems, Edentity rebranded itself as Agility CMS. The company also sponsored SXSW and launched a new site.

With its August 2011 CMS release, Agility focused on publishing channels. The Agility Channel Dashboard offers better control over where content is posted, and User Agent Matching detects what kind of device a site visitor is using to push content designed specifically for that device.


Agility offers free demos, with a base license plus digital content starting at US$ 100 per Agility login, per month. Additional add-ons are also available.