Agility Hosted Web CMS
Each month, Edentity Web Systems aims to release yet another iterative update to its SaaS, ASP.NET-based Agility Web CMS. November, true to fashion, brings more updates focused, mainly, around productivity improvements.

Focus on Productivity Enhancements

Monthly iterations’ focus is usually alternated among new features, productivity enhancements and back-end improvements. Following tagging and Google sitemaps additions back in September, this month is all about productivity.

Page Copy Function

November updates to the Agility Web CMS include the ability to replicate an existing page into a new page, while inheriting all content, workflow settings, metadata, module configurations and alerts.
Agility CMS Page Copy Interface

Agility CMS Page Copy Interface

Seems like a pretty useful feature, huh? Especially, if it works without a hitch (does it?) and allows users to save time if they need to create a copy of a complex page with all its linked content and dependencies.

Improved Recent Changes Report

The recent changes report now shows all Pages, Shared Content, Modules and Linked Content that has been changed in the system. User will be able to also publish right from that list without having to navigate to the individual areas of the site.
Agility CMS Recent Changes View

Agility CMS Recent Changes View
New status notes were added to show items “Pending Release”, which will allow users to avoid costly mistakes of publishing content that hasn’t been approved yet.

Bug Fixes

No release goes without bug fixes. This month, some of the bug fixes, as highlighted on the Agility CMS blog, include: * Timed release: Fixed the issue where an item that had a Release Date that had not yet expired was republished with a new Release Date and would not appear on the second release date. * Deleting shared content views: An issue was fixed where a shared content view that had been used on a page that was subsequently deleted could not itself be deleted. * F5/Refresh in Firefox: Previously to this release, pressing F5 in Firefox would result in a JavaScript error. The workaround to this was using CTRL-F5. Michael Assad, CEO of Edentity, proudly mentions that “Agility is the only content management system that provides automatic upgrades to all users every month, with no change in fees.” Sounds like a fairytale coming true for all those in the hosted CMS la-la land. Agility CMS has a lot to offer, and we’ll keep watching their progress and report it to you.

Sassy SaaS

With Gartner's predictions of bright future for SaaS in the next five years, this is clearly not the last time we are talking about SaaS, in general, and SaaS CMS's, in particular. Anywhere you look, the SaaS industry is far from slumping.