Agility march 2009 release, dashboard, bookmarking, amazon s3

The ASP.NET-based, SaaS Agility CMS received several new features in its March update iteration.

There’s a new dashboard that gives Agility users a good look into the happenings of their sites, content linking capability and support for cloud storage in Amazon S3. Let’s look at these updates in detail.

Agility CMS Dashboard

The new dashboard is a completely revamped version of the Agility homepage. It consists of six sections:


Status Panel

The dynamically updated panel shows whether your site is functioning properly. It will turn yellow if there is an issue.

Agility Blog

RSS-supported feature shows you the three latest blog entries -- including tips, announcements and news from the CMS market (including, yours truly).

Content Changes

This utility shows content items that have been changed in the last seven days, including publish pending and scheduled for release.

System Alerts

This area lists the three most recent alerts from the Alerts section of the help page.


This is place where the site administrator can setup some links or documents that may be important for everyone working on the site. These are administered in the Global Configuration section of the Settings panel.

My Bookmarks

Linking to any internal Page, Module, Linked Content or Shared Content is done via the new “Bookmark” link that appears on the toolbar.

Agility CMS Supports Cloud Storage

Digital assets can still be stored in the Agility database. Alternatively, you can switch to Amazon S3 by setting up an S3 account and pointing the Agility instance to it -- Agility document repository now supports external file storage on the Amazon S3 cloud storage environment.

A new Settings section was added called “External File Storage” where you can set up your site to store assets in Amazon S3. The interface remains the same no matter which option you choose.

Edge Server Support

As they say on the Agility blog, to compliment the S3 storage support, customers can now utilize file propagation on Content Delivery Networks (CDN) like Cloudfront, Akamai, Limelight or others.

Content Linking and Bookmarking in Agility CMS

To make developers happy, Agility added the ability to link any content definition to any other content definition or shared content. This update should potentially allow developers to create modules in less time.

The default output template will be generated for you, building all the data source controls and outputting all the fields in each layer of content.

With bookmarking, users can bookmark related content, pages and modules, and access them handily from the dashboard.


Staying Agile

Over 28 minor improvements and 90 minor bug fixes were also made, according to the Agility CMS blog. Michael Assad, CEO of Edentity [creators of Agility CMS], says that the updates come at no additional price to customers. Except, of course, the Amazon S3 part (which is getting cheaper by the day). Ah, the beauty of SaaS.

Yet another month, yet another slew of updates. Very agile -- true to the form.