Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in October 2010

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Welcome to the October installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month.

If you're looking through here and feel that your project was left out, we invite you to send us an email at [email protected] with a pointer to who we should contact at your project for updates.

Don't forget that the Packt Publishing (news, site) 2010 Open Source Awards are open for voting as well!


In September, Alfresco Software (news, site) hired a new Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Barr, with six years at Red Hat (news, site) as part of his background.

CMS Made Simple

In September, the folks behind CMS Made Simple (news, site) became finalists for the "Favorite Open Source CMS" category of the Packt Publishing 2010 Open Source Awards. Coming in October is the release of CMS Made Simple version 1.9, which will offer complete URL flexibility and improved navigation performance.


In September, DotNetNuke Corp. (news, site) added Frank Artale to their Board of Directors. He had previously served on the Board of Advisors. They also opened voting for their DotNetNuke Community Choice Awards 2010. Voting closes on October 22, 2010. 


In September, the Drupal (news, site) community continued its march toward Drupal 7. According to Drupal founder Dries Buytaert, there are only around 20 critical bugs left.

In order to speed up the development process, Drupal company Acquia (news, site), has committed one full-time engineer toward fixing critical bugs in Drupal 7. As of Buytaert's announcement, which engineer would be chosen was not yet decided.

Buytaert has invited other Drupal companies to follow suit, stating that, "The release of Drupal 7 is important to all of us, our businesses, and growing both adoption and our community, so something more must be done." He invites anyone who wants to pitch in but doesn't know where to start to contact him.

Acquia itself continues to enjoy growth in SaaS offering Drupal Gardens (news, site), having passed the 20,000 site mark which is double the number two months ago. New features added to this service include image and video galleries that support:

  • Bulk file uploads
  • Configurable lightbox displays
  • Drag and drop image rearrangement
  • Keyboard support for moving between images
  • Bulk tagging
  • Auto-advance slideshows

The company has also added memcache support to their high availability cloud architecture, Acquia Hosting.


In September, Ephesoft (news, site) released version 6 of their Intelligent Document Capture platform. Notable new features include:

  • CMIS integration with ECM systems, certified with Alfresco 3.3.2 using the Ephesoft CMIS Export Plugin
  • Key-Value extraction for fields
  • Fuzzy database match-up to allow users to rely less on extraction rules and match incoming documents to an existing database
  • Searchable PDF support with hidden text over images

eZ Publish

In September, eZ Publish (news, site) 4.4 Enterprise was released. New features in 4.4 include:

  • A new image editor letting administrators edit images within galleries
  • Support for HTML 5 video
  • Native reCaptcha support for user generated content
  • Managing multiple items at once
  • A new tab in the Backoffice interface called "Service Portal," which lets administrators quickly access the services and support included with their Enterprise license (Enterprise version only)
  • New session management features
  • An archiving toolkit for moving old content into an archive while keeping it read-only available through eZ Find
  • Section management improvements
  • A developer preview of the new eZ Publish API for mobile devices


eZ Publish 4.4 - Image Editor

Hippo CMS

In September, the folks behind Hippo CMS (news, site) released version 7.4.1 with free text and XPath search support for faceted navigation. This addition allows visitors to refine search results through faceted navigation and vice versa. Hippo CMS was also nominated for Best Governmental IT Project 2010 in the Netherlands by Computable Magazine.

They've also added some new videos, including this one for getting started with Hippo:

1. Getting Started from Arje Cahn on Vimeo.

Another is on quick editing with Hippo:

2. Quick edit from Arje Cahn on Vimeo.

In October, they'll work toward release 7.5, which contains:

  • Advanced translation management
  • Page composition mangement
  • REST interfaces
  • An upgrade to JackRabbit 2.1


On September 1st it was officially 5 years since Joomla! (news, site) split from the Mambo project. In celebration, Joomla, the movie was released, featuring people from around the world saying what they use Joomla! for in their own languages. Also, a 5 Years with Joomla! InfoGraphic was produced by JoomlaBlogger. (There's a Spanish version too).

In September, Joomla! organization Open Source Matters (news, site) closed the nomination period for new board members, and Joomla 1.6 beta reached beta 10. Lately the release cycle is every 2 weeks and the Joomla Bug Squad hopes to continue this speed. There will be multiple Release Candidates before the final release of Joomla 1.6 occurs. Hot off the digital presses, here's the latest update on 1.6.

Community members might appreciate the new Joomla User Groups (JUGs) page, which makes it easier for Joomla users to find and join JUGs. If you discover your group isn't listed contact your group's administrator, who may not have received the email about the relaunch.

The details for the next J and Beyond conference were also announced: May 6 - 8, 2011 in Kerkrade, Netherlands. Events coming in October include:

Magnolia CMS

In September, the folks at Magnolia CMS (news, site) won the Swiss Open Source Award. This award is juried based on, "open standards, economic benefits, competitiveness with commercial software, as well as activity within the project and community structure and activity."

The company's Magnolia 4.3 earned high business and technical scores in an independent Ars Logica review, listed among the first four Ars Logica Compass Guides to Web Content Management, which includes evaluations from over 35 reading CMS vendors. They've also published their roadmap for Magnolia 5.0 which will focus on adding support for JCR 2.0, Content API and web services, a new Vaadin-based UI and more. A Technical Guide is also now available, which gives a comprehensive look at how Magnolia works.

For gatherings, a record 20 global partners met at Magnolia Partner Day in Basel, Switzerland to discuss the Magnolia partnership network, and the sold out Magnolia Conference 2010 took place right afterward. You can find the videos, presentation slides and more here.


In September, the folks at mojoPortal (news, site) released two security updates, and If you haven't upgraded to these, do so as soon as possible. The product is also among the contenders for the 2010 Packt Publishing Open Source Awards in the CMS category.


In September, Nuxeo (news, site) wrapped up their three-city AIIM Roadshow on "8 Factors to Consider in Creating an Information Management Strategy." Slides for CMO Cheryl McKinnon's talk on "8 Things You Need to Know About Open Source ECM" are available online with a white paper to go with them.

Coming in October, the folks at Nuxeo are sponsoring the Open World Forum (news, site) 2010 in Paris with a session on why they've embraced CMIS. Later in the month CEO Eric Barroca will present at the Government in Open Source 2010 conference on "Using Open Source to Create Efficiencies with Shared Application Development," which will outline practices for government agencies to share code and lower development costs.

On October 7, Nuxeo is offering a webinar with a sneak preview of Nuxeo DM 5.4 with CEO Eric Barroca, along with a look at updates to Nuxeo Studio, their new administration console Nuxeo Admin Center and the new ECM "app store" called Nuxeo Marketplace. Register here.

You also might want to register for Nuxeo World, which will take place in Paris on November 17 and 18.


In September, the folks at ocPortal (news, site) focused on expanding their in-house team and project work for commercial contracts, building on the release of ocPortal 5.0. However, they also managed to get other things done.

There are five new free add-ons for ocPortal:

  • Dropbox Folder: Side block that can let ocPortal users display a Dropbox folder in either the side panels or in a main block
  • ocGiftgiver: Let members purchase configurable gifts and send them to themselves or other members
  • ocSimplesums: Calculator block that can be placed on pages
  • ocBanter: For fun, runs a game through the private messaging system, creating a personal topic between two random members containing a mild insult and a brief explanation of how to play, get points with the right responses
  • ocThepoint: Award site points each time a person clicks a banner, adding an incentive to follow promotional links


In September, the folks behind Plone (news, site proudly released Plone 4. Plone co-founder and Firefox User Experience Lead Alexander Limi stated that for this release, "Our developers and users asked for better performance - Plone 4 is much faster, requires less memory, and performs well even when serving up massive files.

Learning Opportunities

Long ago, the original plans for Plone 4 were deemed too ambitious, and so Plone 4 was split into Plone 4 and Plone 5. Some of the work on this release was preparation for bigger things to come, though there were plenty of advances for now as well.

The talks for Plone Conference 2010, which is coming on October 25 - 31 in Bristol, UK, were announced. Focusing on a broad audience from developers, designers, end users and business people, the conference breaks down as follows:

  • Full-day training sessions October 25 - 26 in topics such as theming and JavaScript
  • A separate "Plone in Business" mini-conference on the 26th, aimed at analysts, advisors, evaluators and informational professionals looking to learn about Plone and see successful Plone implementations across various sectors
  • The official launch of the JBoye Plone Community of Practice at "Plone in Business"
  • Keynotes from Richard Noble, Alan Runyan, and Alex Limi
  • Talks from October 27 - 29 on topics from "Enterprise Search in Plone using Solr" to
  • Open Space sessions that won't overlap the planned talks
  • Sprints on October 30 and 31

Organizers are expecting over 400 attendees. Those who can't make it to Europe might want to consider the upcoming Plone Deployment Workshop 2010, to be held November 11 - 12 in Indianapolis. The focus of this workshop is on following egg-based release practices for successful deployments.

Other items of interest include:

  • A new edition of "A User's Guide to Plone," updated for Plone 4
  • A revamped Downloads section on Plone.org, which offers comments, ratings, organization by product rather than release, a theme gallery and more


In September, the folks at Silverstripe (news, site) released version 2.4.2, which improves support for SilverStripe CMS on a Microsoft stack and includes bug and security fixes. The company also has reached 40 employees, doubling its head count from 2 years ago, and they're now finalists for favorite Open Source CMS in the Packt Publishing OpenSource Awards 2010.

October involves defining roadmap ideas for SilverStripe CMS, which includes interviewing community members to get feedback. The team is now sharing statistics about their community and software that they intend to update regularly.Now that they've completed refreshing their documentation for content authors, they'll begin work on updating their developer-oriented docs.


In September, the folks at Squiz (news, site) released Phase 2 of the Easy Edit Suite. This version includes a new asset finder that offers dynamic asset lineages and child counts to ease navigation, and the ability to create new assets using a new Asset Creation Wizard, along with other new features.

They also released:

  • MySource Matrix 3.26.8 with 28 bug fixes and 3 system enhancements including support for Funnelback search 9.1 and adding asset ID specifications to the system log for redirect page errors
  • MySource Matrix 3.28.3 with the same enhancements, along with 31 bug fixes and 9 new features, which include a new setContentOfEditableFileAsset function for the Javascript API and the as_asset keyword modifier

Those interested in Managing Director of Squiz UK Stephen Morgan's presentation on Web Experience/Engagement Management at Gartner's Portal Content & Collaboration Summit can now find it online.

In October, expect new versions of MySource Matrix 3.26.9 and 3.28.5. Then in November, Squiz Matrix 4.0.0 debuts. New features include:

  • A new Javascript API function to import assets from an XML file
  • A new script for publishing static content of specific assets to a set directory, capable of creating automated system snapshots for later reference

When asked about the rebranding of MySource Matrix to just Squiz Matrix, Hannah Cooper stated, "We've had quite a few questions about the rebranding of MySource Matrix as Squiz Matrix. We're all sad to see the 'MySource' name go - it's been with us for a long time now! However, it is just a name change and Squiz Matrix will remain at the very core of what we do."

Tiki Wiki CMS

In September, the folks behind Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (news, site) were given a Best of Open Source Software Applications (Bossie) Award by InfoWorld Test Center editors and reviewers for the best open source software for business users. Tiki Wiki is also now included in the Windows Web App Gallery and so can be be installed with the Microsoft (news, site) Web Platform Installer.

Tiki versions 5.2 and version 3.7 LTS were both released in late September. These are both maintenance releases.

Entering October, the team finishes preparation for TikiFest New York on October 3 - 6. this sprint will be the last leading up to Tiki version 6, which is scheduled for release at the end of October. Expect an improved end user and administrator experience and new features such as shopping carts, workspaces, perspectives and the Cclite currency system.

Tiki celebrates its 8th birthday in October as well.


In September, the folks behind TYPO3 (news, site) released Long Term Support TYPO3 version 4.5 alpha 2. This version offers a new back end using the ExtJS viewport, which provides a unified interface to manipulate panel content.

Coming in October is the European TYPO3 Conference in Frankfurt from September 30 through October 2nd. More than 400 attendees are expected from over 30 countries. In this month expect to see new releases of their PHP framework FLOW3 and a sprint release of Phoenix, their next-generation CMS.

For people who like to plan way ahead, the next TYPO3 US Conference will be held in San Francisco from June 9 - 11, 2011.


In September, the folks at WeWebU Software AG released OpenWorkdesk 3.1 Sprint 2 Community Edition, adding MySQL support. They also signed on as Silver Sponsors of the Alfresco Developer Conference in Paris.

They also released a new version (1.2) of their Open Air Installer, with data-model definitions for building out the OpenWorkDesk Human Resources scenario based on OpenWorkDesk Community Edition and Alfresco Community Edition.


In September, the WordPress (news, site) trademark changed hands. WordPress creators Automattic (news, site) donated the WordPress trademark to the non-profit WordPress Foundation.


In September, the folks at XOOPS (news, site) released XOOPS 2.4.5 Final, which focused on bug fixes and cleaning up previous 2.4 series conflicts. There are a few feature improvements, including with tinyMCE and ckeditor.

The TV XooFoo site that hosts online video tutorials has existed for 4 months and has 400 submissions so far. This site is now available in 20 different languages from Arabic to Simplified Chinese, using the Google (news, site) Translate API and jQuery.

There is now a XOOPS Resource Book, focused on exchanging information modules and other XOOPS resources. Ultimately the Module Team intends to propose an updated modules repository on the main XOOPS site. If you want to help, follow the link to the book.

In October, work continues toward XOOPS 2.5.0, which offers a major re-design of the System Module to use AJAX and jQuery. So far new features in alpha include:

  • A help system for administrators and modules
  • Column sorting in tables
  • jQuery plugins for display pop-up and managing drag and drop
  • A file manager
  • Visual module ordering and block placement with drag and drop
  • Allow overrides of templates in the administrator theme
  • Maintenance with cache clean-up