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Welcome to the September 2011 installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month. If you feel that your project was left out, we invite you to email us at [email protected] to have a project representative added to the list of people we contact for updates.


In September, Drupal (news, site) founder Dries Buytaert named Nat "catch" Catchpole as his Drupal 8 co-maintainer. One reason he was chosen was to help remove complexity from the Drupal 8 core.

Those interested in hearing Dries' thoughts on the state of Drupal, as of August, can do so here:

In September, Drupal company Acquia (news, site) was positioned as a Visionary in Gartner's 2011 Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software and the Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. Also, the company's Acquia Network was recognized by KMWorld Magazine as a Trend-Setting Product for 2011.


In September, the folks at Hippo CMS (news, site) continued its participation in the Apache Software Foundation (news, site) Rave project, which is a new web and social mashup engine, which recently announced its .3 Incubating Alpha release. It's also added an integration between Hippo CMS and e-commerce solution Magento.

If you'd like to absorb the hard-won lessons that Hippo has learned over the years, even if you work in another brand of web CMS, check out its series of blog posts: Tales From The CMS Demo Chair.


In September, the HWIOS (news, site) project went on the hunt for new sponsors, when they learned they're about to lose their current sponsor. Without a sponsor, they'll lose their only full-time developer. If you're interested in sponsoring new milestones, contact Jeroen van Veen at [email protected].

Current work being undertaken includes:

  • A major theme design change, with a fixed with two-column look
  • Right-click context menus available in each module
  • A new widget with the activity and messenger both merged together
  • A smaller Collab-editor, moved from Ace to Codemirror2, which also brings new features
  • New support for the Hybi-10 websocket

Proposed work for the future:

  • Completion of the new design and context menus
  • Adding a websocket forum
  • Adding HTML5 webcam conferencing
  • Adding a flexible module loading system
  • Creating a mashup with the Tundra2 3D Internet platform


In September, the folks at Jahia Web CMS (news, site) released its first service pack for Jahia 6.5. Improvements included in this pack are:

  • An upgrade to jQuery 1.6
  • Improved performance for Edit Mode
  • Simplified role management UI
  • Added a new stage to allow administrators to specify when to "activate language in live mode"
  • Returned to the "default template" concept from Jahia 6.0
  • Improved jsessionID management
  • Expanded configuration with additional parameters through the installer

Jahia has also launched packaged migration services. These services target both existing customers using older versions of Jahia and new customers switching from a legacy CMS. Customers who opt for Jahia's certified migration path get their content migrated for free.


In September, the folks at Joomla! (news, site) reached 25 million downloads. It's also released a number of interesting statistics regarding its core development team, and both individuals and firms using Joomla.

September also saw the release of Joomla 1.7.1. This release includes some security and bug fixes, as well as two new features. The first is a multi-language status module, which warns you of problems in your multi-language configuration. Second, it added three new installation languages: Basque, Bulgarian and Scottish Gaelic.

Coming in October, are five Joomla Day events: Joomla Day Denmark (October 28), Joomla Day Bangkok (October 29), Joomla Day Israel (October 10), Joomla Day Italy (October 22) and Joomla Day USA NYC (October 22 and 23).


In September, the folks at Magnolia CMS (news, site) released Magnolia 4.4.5. Notable changes for this release include:

  • Fixes for several multisite issues
  • Improved account lockout feature
  • Bundled with JackRabbit 1.6.4
  • Other fixes

However, this release also introduces a bug around pending work items in the inbox. See the release notes for details and a workaround.


In September, the folks at mojoPortal (news, site) launched a new design for its main site. At the end of the month it plans to release a new version of mojoPortal as well. Updates and new features include:

  • Log errors and information to the database instead of the filesystem
  • Upgrade to TinyMCE 3.4.5, CKeditor 3.6.2, as well as new versions of AjaxControlToolkit and the Recaptcha library
  • Use different SMTP settings for bulk mail such as newsletters and forum notifications
  • Access Google (news, site) Maps with the new v3 API
  • Look up IP addresses with Whois

Throughout October, the team continues work on improving web farm support. Specifically, they'll be working on providers that plug into the new filesystem and caching abstraction layers.


In September, the Plone (news, site) project became a finalist in the Packt Publishing 2011 Open Source Awards. Voting closes on October 31.

Learning Opportunities

It also began soliciting Plone Improvement Proposals (PLIPs) for Plone 4.3. This will be the second release following the new six-month fixed release cycle, and this release is scheduled for March 2012.


In September, the talks from the International Squiz and Funnelback User Conference were uploaded to YouTube. The conference brought the vote for the new Squiz Community Advocate. Darren Langlands will work with Squiz Labs to help develop new features and functionality. Follow his updates here.

Other news out of the event was the launch of the Squiz Roadmap. While the roadmap has existed for internal use, at the conference it was opened to Squiz clients, so they can offer input on development priorities.

September also brought release of Phase 3 of the Easy Edit Suite, which offers an interface for Squiz Matrix, along the lines of the interface for the Squiz CMS. This new release has been overhauled, and is "super fast."

Expect the release of Squiz Matrix 4.4.3 on October 4.

Tiki Wiki CMS

In September, the folks at Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (news, site) continued working toward Tiki 8, which it plans to release in October. New features and updates include:

  • Compatibility with Smarty 3
  • An expanded HTML5 implementation
  • Distributed TimeSheets
  • A collection of new plugins

It also released Tiki 7.2, which contains hundreds of fixes and updates. Along the way, Tiki was named to CMS Report's Top 30 Web Applications.

September also brought preparations for two TikiFest code sprints. The first will be held on October 4-5 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada at Révolution Linux . The second will be held in mid-January in Montréal, Canada, and will focus on design, themes and user experience.


In September, the folks at WeWebU (news, site) announced a global technology partnership with Alfresco Software (news, site). This partnership creates the open source, transactional content management system: WeWebU OpenWorkdesk on Alfresco.

The integration is accomplished through CMIS, and this combined product is aimed at medium and large-size organizations from the financial industry and public sector.


In September, WordPress (news, site) news centered around events. On September 17 the project held a WordPress 3.3 hackathon. This month also saw WordCamp Portland, Cape Town, Albuquerque, Lisboa, Germany and Sofia.

Coming in October and through to February are WordCamps Toronto, Gold Coast, Philly, Caguas, Kenya, Detroit, Richmond, Denmark, Las Vegas and Atlanta. More are planned as well but their dates aren't set.

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