Welcome to the September 2009 installment of our what's coming from the open source CMS projects in the next 30 days.

If you're looking through here and feel that your project was left out, we invite you to send us an email at [email protected] with a pointer to who we should contact at your project for updates.


The first South American Alfresco (news, site) meetup in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was full to capacity for a day of talks featuring Matt Asay from Alfresco and case studies from two local customers. Planning for further meetups is currently underway with details available in early September. If you'd like to present at one of these meetups, apply now.

Also, Ubuntu users can now try Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 through Ubuntu's partner repository. Installing through this method gets Ubuntu users all of the necessary drivers and dependencies.


In August, DotNetNuke (news, site) released three new commercial offerings:

  • DotNetNuke Developer Support Services: A suite of paid support offerings including design and architecture reviews, developer monitoring and identification of best practices.
  • DotNetNuke Elite Edition: Bundles together the Professional Edition with support offerings.
  • DotNetNuke Elite Edition Premier: The Elite Edition for those enterprises requiring five or more licenses, additional copyright indemnification and flexible contract terms.

DotNetNuke also acquired Snowcovered, an online market for DotNetNuke modules, skins, services and related products on August 27.

Going into September, in anticipation of OpenForce '09 Connections, DotNetNuke invites members of the community to nominate their favorite DotNetNuke-based sites for the OpenForce Community Choice Awards. Voting starts on September 17 and winners will be announced at OpenForce Europe in October and OpenForce Connections in November, respectively.

eXo Platform

It may seem like it's been quiet on the eXo (news, site) front, but there are big things in the works for the open source collaboration software company.

While we can't spill the details yet, let us say it will be an interesting RedHat Summit in Chicago this week for eXo and its customers. Watch CMSWire Thursday for more information.

eZ Publish

In August, eZ Publish (news, site) 4.2 alpha was released, focusing on usability improvements, along with better performance and reliability for high traffic sites. This version also offers an updated eZ Find search engine, based on Solr.

The final version of eZ Publish 4.2 is targeted for September 29. If you'd like a preview, check out their webinar on September 16.


This August, KnowledgeTree (news, site) released a developer snapshot of its implementation of the draft CMIS specification. According to the company, "This will allow users of Enterprise CMS products to extend their software investments by gaining visibility into all enterprise document repositories that have a CMIS interface as well as realize benefits such as reduced vendor lock-in, improved interoperability between content management systems and a richer content management environment."

Along with their CMIS API, KnowledgeTree also released a proof of concept CMIS client module for Drupal.

Movable Type and Melody

In late August, Movable Type (news, site) and Melody (news, site) users received a number of interesting new plugins:

  • Image Cropper: User interface for managing and generating custom thumbnails from any image asset managed by the CMS
  • PubSubHubBub: Brings Movable Type and Melody into the Push Button Web/Real Time Web paradigm
  • Template Profiler: Generate a report from within the CMS that analyzes the performance characteristics of any installed template
  • User Export: Allows you to export all or a subset of your users in a CSV format, including their custom field information, in case you've extended the user profile


In August, Plone (news, site) 3.3 was released. As a point release, its focus was refinements rather than massive changes.

In particular, Plone 3.3 offers the ability to localize navigation, tabs, sitemaps and searches within folders, which makes creating autonomous sub-sites within a Plone site easier. Also, Plone 3.3 includes:

  • The Lineage microsite creation add-on to offer further help with those creating sub-sites
  • Automatic redirection when accessing link objects
  • Resource registry improvements for more easily organizing IE fixes
  • More consistent HTML toward easier theming with collective.xdv or Deliverance
  • Permission-handling improvements to the Windows installer

For more information, see the Plone 3.3 release page.


In August, SilverStripe (news, site) hit two major goals they stated last month:

In addition, they've released UserForms module version 0.2, which lets non-technical people manage forms, and makes it easier for designers to build module extensions.

SilverStripe users in London and Auckland can now look forward to monthly meetups as well.

Through September, the SilverStripe team expects to continue work on SilverStripe core version 2.4 and modules providing workflow and multi-site functionality. In addition, the English-language SilverStripe book should finally be available.