Houston developer Arche Solutions has launched a new modular Web CMS framework for developing and maintaining highly customized web solutions. Arche's new offering is aimed at the small/medium size market and the modular approach will, they assure us, help keep deployment costs and development time to a minimum, while enabling a higher level of customization than rivals currently offer. The new Arche package comes in two flavors: PHP and .NET versions were built side-by side, and both write to a standard SQL/MySQL backend. Core product functions are fairly comprehensive, including add/edit/delete site pages, edit site content, set link order, add/delete images, meta-data management, administrative user profiling, news/events, dedicated FAQ building and a preview function. On top of these core features, 'most any custom module can be added fairly easily' according to Ryan Meley, Sales Manager at Arche. From the way these guys are talking, sounds like they'll sit down and hack you out a custom module according to your particular needs. Examples of modules which have previously been deployed include the following: * Workflow Assignment- "Provides the ability to assign tasks to specific individuals or groups. Once an update has been made the task must be approved prior to posting. This has also been tied to a message board which allows for internal communication." * Time Based Data Management- Allows users to post time based information for a future release date/time. It can also automatically deactivate content pages based on specific time criteria. * Newsletter- Standard newsletter functionality, but it can be tied to the dynamic posting of site content pages. * CRM Content Delivery- Allows the user to set areas of control to be delivered based on user specific preferences. * Notifications- This module ties into every aspect of the CMS and provides email notifications to users based on updates made in the CMS i.e., notification prior to time expiry, etc. We don't have any word on pricing yet, but the licensing model is a flexible one: customers primarily buy a lifetime non-exclusive license or a varient thereof, but if budgetary constraints are a factor you can also pay an initial lump followed by a monthly license fee. If you stick with Arche for hosting the CMS, you also get a years worth of Technical Support; with packages for subsequent support obviously available. Ryan's pitch to us on what's so great about Arche: "This CMS [...] was actually developed to accommodate custom designed websites. Every CMS has some level of limitations when applied to design. This CMS is so modular that our company’s design side can develop a site almost completely independent of our development team. This allows the client to get exactly what they want from a design and functional perspective. A secondary benefit to this approach is we realized we could deploy more basic versions of the CMS fairly rapidly, and thus at a lower overall cost." Sounds good to us. Visit Arche Solutions for more.