wAttn: Now PuSHing WordPress Blogs into Real-Time Web
Some say Twitter has replaced the need for RSS feeds, but we think they’ve still got some life left in them. Seemingly on the same page, WordPress.com (news, site) now supports PubSubHubbub (PuSH), a service that "pushes" updates from the 10.5 million WordPress.com blogs to RSS readers in near real-time.  

PuSHing Content

The concept is pretty easy to understand. Rather than wait for your RSS reader to ping servers for the sites you subscribe to, the real-time protocol, PubSubhubbub, pushes updates out immediately. Though there have been WordPress plug-ins that did this before, this time around the team is opting for the automatic goodness we've all come to know and love.

Note that your reader must be PuSH-compatible for this feature to work (Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes will do).

Here's a cute little explanatory slideshow:

With a Quickness

If you've got a WordPress.com site and you want to be up to speed, do nothing--PuSH is already working for you. For all of you companies or individuals out there that've installed the WordPress software on your websites, you too can use PubSubHubbub. All it takes is downloading the PuSH plug-in and adding it to your WordPress installation.

The point of all this? Instant gratification, of course. The immediate reception of information is something Web users have come to expect. Mega-popular services like Twitter and Facebook have made this feature one we can't seem to live without. Unfortunately, blogs have apparently had a bit trouble keeping up. Will PuSH and services like it (rssCloud) be able to even the score?

Other services like Tumblr, Posterous and Blogger have long since utilized the protocol to go real-time, making WordPress.com’s update arguably anti-climactic.

Want more info? Visit the PubSubHubbub project site